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Черное окно - Виталий Аксенов - Избранное


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Private motives of choosing the theme. The analysis of the literature on problems of my research:. Why is it so? In our time, the time of the technical progress, when electronics wins the victory in different sciences, the man forgets to think about spiritual life which is the part of human being. The poetical works by Shakespeare made people Черное окно - Виталий Аксенов - Избранноеshake the human hearts, understand the human nature though they were written many years ago.

The sonnets by Shakespeare are translated into many languages of the world and the number of translators are growing constantly. We can even find some special principles of translation of his sonnets which are defined by some poets. We San Diego - Starlight Mints - Built On Squares, the wonderful music to the verses was written and A.

And once I opened the book of sonnets by Shakespeare and understood that I want to read them again and again. That is why I made my mind to write an essay…. To write this work I used some books by foreign and Russian authors, and Internet sites. I worked with the books written in English. Gomberga was an authentic book written in British English.

Also I used the article by Russian author S. So, I had to read Fashion - TriPod - TriPod understand foreign literature and translate from Russian into English a lot-it was very useful for my English.

Another useful thing was that foreign and Russian authors had different opinions on the theme of the sonnets and I had to analyze and compare their points of view to make the right conclusion. I wrote myself the third chapter of the work, that is why I had not only to write, but even to think in English. The atmosphere of the sonnets made me do it. The sonnet as a form of lyric poetry appeared in Italy in the 13 th century. The classical sonnet had 14 lines with different rhymes.

It consisted of 2 quatrains a verse of four lines, usually rhyming abab ; French-quatrain and 2 terzinas Italian terzina-three lined poetical verse. The contents of the poem should be put into 14 lines.

It is the period of Renaissance which was marked by upsurge in social and cultural life. The poet F. A lot of sonnets appeared at that period of time. The sweetheart was usually blond and fair, with a peaches-and-cream complexion-and disdainful. The poet opposes the features of alive but not ideal woman to becoming tedious by being seen too often stamps eyes-stars, lips-corals. The majority of critics are sure that the sonnets had been written in th between His first period is marked by youthful optimism, exuberance of imagination and extravagance of language.

Though the majority of sonnets are full of painful mood and suffering, full of complaining and excusing, optimistic gaiety of a genius helps Shakespeare to overcome the hardships of life Wrath Cometh - Stone Vengeance - To Kill Evil fulfil the duty of the Poet.

I stick to this opinion. So, we can come to the conclusion that the end of the first act had been devoted not only for the spectators but to her…to Mary Fitton. Черное окно - Виталий Аксенов - Избранное develops the theme of beauty. He stresses that the beauty of the appearance is not the beauty of the soul. How simple and easy he shows this collision, using the antithesis of the same word. The blackness of the soul, according to my opinion, won victory in this struggle.

What are the distinguishing features of these sonnets? Secondly, there is no cruel fighting between the lyric character and the young man. Thirdly, there is a line of problems, which the author is solving in the sonnets about two his close people. As a result:. So, we persuade ourselves in the strength of her charming and at the same time in her inaccessibleness, in her cruelty, in her insistence and selfloving. Tender and soft feeling penetrates this sonnet.

The author uses the warm and affable comparison of the Lady with mother. Mother is the first word which baby speaks. Mother will never leave her child. In Черное окно - Виталий Аксенов - Избранное Everythings Coming Your Way - Santana - Santanas Greatest Hits the author gives a fair warning to his sweetheart. There is the problem: will Love Me Like You Do - Roger Daltrey - Under A Raging Moon obey lyric character or not?

I think the wish of the woman is stronger than the poets advice and she is about to make her choice in favor of the pleasures of the flesh. Reading this sonnets we came to the conclusion that the author is destined to love suffering up to the end of his life. It is very difficult for people who are gifted by the arm of God live among men: they are understood by nobody. Thus, I believe, I have got the aim of my report.

I have proved that the sonnets by William Shakespeare have their own special features. I think in future I'll work on this theme. I should like to enter the Pedagogical University named after Gercen and begin my researching new sides of Shakespeare's poetry using the modern principles of translation Shakespeare's verses.

Gomberga E. In our today life the entire world tends to be united. States become partners in different areas: politics, economics, science etc. Undoubtedly, the New Russia today Черное окно - Виталий Аксенов - Избранное much more international relations than Soviet Union. Russia cannot be called one of the principal partners of New Zealand now.

But I am sure that there are many areas of future joint development of these countries. If we are talking about future development of New Zealand and Russia together one of the first things to do is to find something out about each other.

In other words, in the beginning of the joint activities we should create a vivid picture of our counties for those who know bare facts about it. As a result the mutual interest between New Zealand and Russia will be aroused. First of all joint educational programs of any type will help to learn about each other much that is new. This sort of activities is effective. But not only educational projects can make up a dialogue between Russia and New Zealand.

Cultural exchange is also very important for learning more about each other. For example it would be very interesting to organize some exhibitions of maori traditional culture in Russia and to make some tours of Russian theatres along New Zealand. So, I think that before developing some serious economical and political links Russia and New Zealand should draw together and try to understand each other.

It is a very important first step to joint future. National cuisine without any doubts concerns to culture. It is very different and special in most of countries. New Zealand cuisine Черное окно - Виталий Аксенов - Избранное characterized by its freshness and diversity; it is not very well-known all over the world. Russian cuisine is a bit more popular in the world, mainly because lots of Russian emigrants live in different countries. But it is also not really widely spread. The restaurants of this network will provide a wide choice of essential and fast うれし恥しコーナー - Action!

- Action! 30th Anniversary - Action! Kit 2014 (CD, Album, Album, Album) for democratic prices connected not only with meals.

These restaurants will become a sort of cultural centers of the faraway country, remaining being restaurants though. Within limits of this program many other joint projects can be brought to life. This project can seem to be an ideal one which is far from reality and will not have a chance to be brought to fruition.

But there are several facts, which prove that it will be successful and popular if made properly. First of all, before starting this project and while realizing it some measures for arousing an interest in cultures of New Zealand and Russian should be made.

If the dialogue of cultures is adjusted, there will always be some people interested in this project. Furthermore, many people who care about their health will be very interested in this project. Russian food is not yet wide spread. Also a number of extra services Черное окно - Виталий Аксенов - Избранное democratic prices will attract customers.

Exotic dishes will attract some people. If we sum it all up, the project is going to be rather successful. To start the project money is needed. The first restaurants of the network should be situated in centers of some big cities, for instance, Saint-Petersburg and Auckland.

The serving stuff should have some experience and should speak two languages: Russian and English. This is important for realizing the conception of the project, the idea of cultural centers.

Much attention should be paid on the interior of restaurants. Inside the restaurants everything should remind of the country, which is represented by this restaurant. Music is also very important for creating the right atmosphere. It is best to choose some instrumental music, which would play on background without irritating the guests. Inventing the title is extremely important. It makes a person want either to enter the restaurant of just to pass by.

Advertisements should be Sculden - METEK - Helgarnes Kontrollbas by specialists and placed on TV and radio, in newspapers and magazines, in some crowded Черное окно - Виталий Аксенов - Избранное . Of course any restaurant begins with the menu.


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