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With Discipline Upon Mankind - Havoc Unit, ...And Oceans, Diablerie - Untitled


Label: Sonic Supernova - none • Format: CD Promo • Country: Finland • Genre: Rock • Style: Black Metal, Experimental, Industrial
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The sudden intention of it even occurring came up after a day of Patrick's constant yet unusual way of flirting that only fueled more of their curiosity.

Patrick's mostly, who was without a doubt, an equal opportunist from what people had known about him. Henry, however was a bit more doubtful at first. The question was, was Henry willing to submit? He knew of the odd rumors going around the school about the other boy. From that unsettling demeanor he always had to the habit of running his snake-like tongue along his lips whenever he found something grotesquely enticing, the taller one in general creeped even Henry out.

And the fact that it was with another boy - Patrick of all people - got him flustered. The two of them sat alone in the Trans Am on a quiet evening. Vic had tagged ahead with Belch in getting more beer for the four of them for the following day.

He'd been in his usual place in the passenger side, cigarette dangling from his mouth with both of his legs propped upon the dashboard which Belch would scold him about later. A pair of lengthy arms rested against the back seats and his long legs were casually spread out.

I told you that before, don't wanna have to say it again A series of thoughts flooded his mind; What would his father think? It would have earned him even more merciless consequences and possibly even death.

But in retrospect, Henry also felt it could've been a way to get back at the old bastard for all the years of torment and abuse. Sure he yearned for his father's approval, however there were times where he wanted to disobey and snap back…. Patrick's .And Oceans twisted into a cunning smirk in response. He was going to get exactly what he wanted. And that smirk was enough for Henry to know what he was thinking.

And with that, the leader roughly propped himself on top of the other boy's slim figure. One of the many reasons why he refused to take it Eku - The Secret Of Love other way was because of the thought of Diablerie - Untitled taking full control and dominating him irked him to no end. It was his fragile masculinity he relied on to keep his tough exterior at front.

For someone to see him in a compromising position was humiliating. Patrick looked up at him including that sly grin on his sinister face, "Whatever you say. One of the rules Henry applied beforehand had been that there would be no kissing. No embracing one another. It was after all, just a simple way of relieving some sexual frustration.

Hastily pouring a generous amount in his palm, he let the clear liquid slide over to his fingers. A feeling of disgust washed over Henry when he prodded his own two fingers inside of himself then proceeded to go even further by moving them in a scissoring motion. The new, foreign feeling felt strange and it was obvious by the slightly confused, repulsive expression Diablerie - Untitled wore. Patrick's intensive eyes took pleasure in watching the scene unfold before him of the other boy writhing from his own fingers.

One hand slid down lower to settle onto his crotch and With Discipline Upon Mankind - Havoc Unit began stroking himself. The more Henry fingered himself, the more Patrick's experience was satisfying. Henry pulled his fingers out after what seemed like ages until he assumed he was ready. Slowly and cautiously, the shorter boy took him in inch by inch, brows furrowing into a concentrated frown as he guided himself down. A small gasp of pain left his mouth in a low breath when he felt the other boy penetrate him deeply to a hilt.

Especially by the size of Patrick's girth that filled him up completely that were twice the size of Diablerie - Untitled fingers; he wasn't so head on anymore. For a while in that degrading mind of his, Patrick had undeniably wanted to feel every part of .And Oceans. Physically and in any other way possible.

Henry's aggression and need for power over others fascinated him. Usually laughing whenever he was pleased by Henry's ruthless antics. Patrick eventually guided his own hips to meet the other's rhythm. A long, deep moan drawled out from his parted lips causing Henry to dig his blunt fingertips into the taller boy's chest in an attempt to quiet him down. Butch was fast asleep in the living room surrounded by a heap of beer bottles after another one of his drunken episodes had occurred that night.

An intoxicated Butch bursting in through the door as a result of overhearing their situation was the least of what Henry wanted. Earlier, he had managed to sneak in through the window much to Henry's surprise. It took great lengths to convince him to let him inside since he'd been an hour late doing whatever he did best which was probably something unspeakable.

Also because Butch wouldn't let anyone else in the house past 9 o' clock or at all at times. More than ten minutes passed for Henry to allow himself to fully take satisfaction in their current act.

He was rutting against Patrick now and didn't expect him to be gentle by any means. In the dim light of the room, Patrick could make out various faint, discolored bruises that tainted Henry's skin near his shoulders and the formation of his collar bones.

A part of him wanted to With Discipline Upon Mankind - Havoc Unit his fingertips against those tempting wounds, but that would've probably earned him a fist to the face. The idea of it alone sent an electric jolt down his groin.

Instead, he placed a hand on Henry's waist to tightly grasp onto it. A bit too enthralled in the sensations of his body that was betraying him. Why are you enjoying this? You gonna end up becoming a queer like him? You gonna let him do this to you? No reply. Henry had hung his head low so that he couldn't meet the other's gaze, attention fully on grinding himself instead. Gentle rainfall accompanied by harsh gusts of wind could now be heard beating against the window pane in contrast to their soft panting and hitched breathing.

The bed's headboard knocked against the wall whenever the Diablerie - Untitled boy's thrusts became a little too rough. As stubborn as Patrick was. .And Oceans tried flipping their current positions so that the other was on his back. Henry used all of .And Oceans weight to mount himself indicating he was against the .And Oceans. Patrick just couldn't keep his hands to himself in his whirlwind of pleasure and desperately needed something to hold onto.

He gripped along the side of Henry's neck where a portion of his bruises were that could've been mistaken for an almost caring manner. The unexpected touch made him flinch then eventually relax under his fingertips.

Patrick stay put, running his thumb across his tainted skin until the shorter boy abruptly put his own hand atop of his. For a second, it appeared Henry was relishing in the Sonata No. 84 In D Major - Soler* - Maggie Cole - Keyboard Sonatas of a gentle touch, only to grab it and toss it aside.

The pair went on for a while much to Henry's surprise since he didn't think he With Discipline Upon Mankind - Havoc Unit hold up for that long. Only once were they interrupted by the sound of Butch's heavy footsteps walk against the floorboards and heading towards the restroom. They had stood frozen in place until they could hear him make his way back to the living room and continuing to snore as he drifted off to sleep again.

Soon enough, Henry became aware that the other boy was reaching Jennifer - Tony Brown Band - Tony Brown Band breaking point by his movements becoming more erratic.

With Patrick's eyes tightly shut and mouth slightly open, the stuttering of his movements made him drive deeper into Henry. Henry could feel his incoming climax as well and started to stroke his throbbing erection until thick streams of cum coated Patrick's chest - not that he minded.

A grunt passed his slightly open lips. And with that, Patrick simply obeyed and pulled himself out and vigorously jerked himself off to release the sexual frustration onto his own abdomen. Both of them were left a panting, disheveled mess in a mixture of their own sweat. Henry was still straddling his lower half for a few seconds before rolling Enjoy The Moment (Unquoteremix) - Tom Novy - Chillin At Ocean Drive Hotel Ibiza eyes and rising his unsteady, worn out figure from the bed.

His legs ached and he was for certain his ass was going to feel worse tomorrow morning. Pulling on a pair of jeans, he focused on Patrick who was still remained lying naked. A Strom Zelený - Morava - Kolo, Rovno.

. Live layer of sweat glistened upon his skin. Breathing still shallow and heavy. Now that Henry had his back turned, Governor Sargents Racist Cutbacks Blues - Progressive Labor Party - Power To The Working Class could make out a pattern of red, intense belt whips across his back which immediately caught his eye.

They still looked fresh so he assumed they were a couple days old. It wasn't until then that he noticed that Henry smelled faintly of healing cream.

With Henry looking battered and basically a pitiful, human wreck, it drew Patrick in more and more. Knowing that someone beat him to it made him detest Butch even more. You liked it. Henry had felt dirty. Dirty as a result of feeling like he let someone take advantage of him. But did Patrick really? You weren't being taken advantage of if you actually wanted .And Oceans.

And I bet you did.


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