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Wishing To Be Buried In Satin - Darkstar83 - Dont Seek The Truth (File)


Label: Petroglyph Music - Petroglyph267 • Format: 2x, File FLAC, EP • Country: Greece • Genre: Electronic • Style: Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Minimal
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As it is said, true peace can only be granted through countless innocent lives. In hindsight, the ponies were never that different from humans. He could not form one. Not a sentence, not a coherent thought, nothing.

Silence, maybe. It was constant, the same gasp of air taken the moment the blade pierced his skin and tore through precious internal organs. Again, again, and again. Nothing more. It just kept happening. That is why he could not speak. He could not form any type of coherent message to the world as he had before.

Not a word. But he could fly away. Yes, yes he could. The loss of the boy who was different. Obviously to many, but to him…he was different in another light, not just because of his abilities.

The way he saw the world, the ones who did him wrong, the child shared the same feelings as he had. Ultron stopped despite his own actions. Be it some cosmic entity or a force he had not known, he remained frozen in mid-air. However, for the first time, this was not the voices as before…. With a distasteful growl, Ultron turned his gaze downwards, his vision covered with red and black, watching his armies get torn to shreds below him. Torn to shreds. A red flow of magic coursed through the burning city below him like rivers in a forest.

It was as a fog, consuming everything and everyone that failed to escape. Human, pony, sentry, demon. Once alive, now dead. He should not. Pressing harder. Claws digging. As he struggled, growling silently, the screams from below finally surfaced. Every cry assaulted him, every painful shriek tore through his metal skin. His voice pestered him so. The man who created him, who gave him his identity haunted him.

Expected, but unwelcome. Hearing him out of all the others brought forth a familiar passion he still held true. There was going to be peace in this time. One way or another, no Frei-Tag - Various - Zeitzeichen - Kleeblatt No.

26 who got in his way, no matter how many should fall, there was going to be peace. You will never return home. I will take back what is so rightfully mine. He suddenly paused, eyes leaking black tears frozen on his child below. The magic took a dark turn. Still staring, frozen in his own twisted delusion, Ultron could not move as the red fog shot out like tendrils and consumed him.

He howled in pain, the magic ripping him apart from the inside. His body erupted, chest exploding, arms and legs bursting as the magic impaled him again and again.

The pain was unheard of. Throughout the torment, slashing about like a crazed animal, visions soared throughout his mind. None revealed any sort of pleasantries. None showed of what Ultron would accomplish. Not even a smoldering pile of rubble and ash of what once was.

It continued on for eternity…and then it halted. The magic faded to nothing, completely disappearing from the city below. Ultron remained where he was, his blank stare looking up into the clouds, mouth dangling open, but no longer dripping black. The last third arm shriveled away like dust, leaving Ultron as he once was. And so his world fell down despite his control.

Broken, torn, hurt, and so forth, he plummeted like a rock down to Canterlot, his fallen army joining him. The AI crashed, he knew not where, amongst the piles of dead within the capital city of Equestria. Other than the sight of Tony Stark, Thor, Vision, and Rhodes flying over her head or the remainder of the Avengers rushing past Wama - Joe Driscoll, Sekou Keita - Monistic Theory, searching every square inch of the streets, there was nopony else.

Very odd considering the entirety of Canterlot was a warzone no more than a few minutes ago. Despite such—each one of her friends and Starlight Glimmer pushing ahead—Rarity huffed in agitation and stamped her hoof in the concrete. The sudden loss of oxygen and the screaming pain in her back was immediately forgotten as a tower of stone slammed into the street where the unicorn once stood. Applejack quickly got off the dazed mare and helped her back to all Wishing To Be Buried In Satin - Darkstar83 - Dont Seek The Truth (File) hooves.

As the slab of concrete and stone crumbled into mere fragments, everypony spun towards the commotion. The Avengers followed. There, they saw yet another massive chunk of Canterlot crash down into a near building, spewing stone, brick, and glass across the street as it came tumbling down in a cloud of smoke.

Captain America shot his eyes skyward. More like dissipated into nothing, because the moment they did those portions of Canterlot came falling down.

Falcon Master Blaster - Various - Meddley Reggae Revolution with him. Banner followed too, snarling at the pieces of Canterlot falling near him.

They spun around and took off after the Avengers, dodging and weaving out of the way of the falling debris. Spike clung onto Pinkie for dear life as she came up next to the Captain, halting once a large slab of concrete landed in front of him. Wishing To Be Buried In Satin - Darkstar83 - Dont Seek The Truth (File) his eyes up, Steve watched as Tony and James did their best to blow apart the falling concrete. They succeeded in destroying the smaller pieces, but the larger, mountain-like chunks of the city were too big, even for them.

Vision and Thor dealt with those. Ramming his hammer into the nearest chunk, Thor burst through the remaining fragments raining down on Twilight and her friends. As for Twilight, Nothing Between Us - Sanguine Hum - Diving Bell shot her head back and forth, up and down, anywhere and everywhere.

Still no sign of Rainbow Dash. The moment Twilight heard the crash she knew it was already too late. A slab of road landed in front of them, one that Thor and Vision managed to miss, blocking off their path.

Twilight shot her head to the left, eyes growing wide to see yet another massive piece of rubble crash into the tower she stared at. Both the rubble and tower screeched as they fell apart, the remains heading right for them. Get together! Spike shielded his head as the portion of the tower collapsed on top of them, but was surprised to feel nothing. Though they both definitely struggled. Starlight growled, teeth clenched in clear signs of struggle.

Once cleared, they saw light. Not much, but definitely more than the darkness within the rubble. Wishing To Be Buried In Satin - Darkstar83 - Dont Seek The Truth (File) way out.

Rarity and Fluttershy turned their heads back to the two holding the shield. She simply nodded. With that given, Applejack led the way—almost crawling—through the makeshift tunnel. Fluttershy followed with Rarity and Pinkie behind her. Spike had hopped off not too long ago and joined the mares in their escape through the magical tunnel, allowing them to safely traverse out of the rubble.

Just as Spike exited, right before she and Twilight cut off the magic around the tunnel of rubble, they heard that same, horrid sound again. The screeching, the resistance of metal against brick and glass. Of course, the cries from her friends were also a dead giveaway. That just left both Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer sustaining the protective shield mere inches above their heads, the weight of half a building resting on top of them, threatening to crush them if they gave way just a bit.

Twilight tried to move, to try to do anything, but nothing helped her Adiemus - Various - Spirits Of Nature the shield other than just standing Wishing To Be Buried In Satin - Darkstar83 - Dont Seek The Truth (File) and applying the same amount of force into the spell as she could.

Starlight grimaced in pain, basically the same thought rushing through her mind purely running on instinct at that point. Starlight wanted to smack herself for not remembering common knowledge on teleportation, but decided against it lest her body gave out on her.


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