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Why? - RKL* - Keep Laughing: The Best Of... RKL



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They were associated with the " Nardcore " scene that evolved out of nearby Oxnard. Their music expanded over the years from West Coast hardcore to a mix of hardcore with rock and metal elements. Guitarist Chris Rest was the band's only consistent member. The Rum Tum Tugger - T. S. Eliot - Old Possums Book Of Practical Cats initial members of RKL got together at an early age.

Chris Rest and Bomer Manzullo sometimes credited as 'Bomber' were playing together and had asked Joey Cape to join as a second guitarist. Cape told them he would only join if Jason Sears could be the singer.

The group's name came about as a mere fluke from some light hearted criticism. Bomer was attempting to draw a dragon pattern. On seeing the drawing, Jason commented, "Yeah dude, it's Cecil! Where's Beanie? Beanie boy was born. Though not actually Why? - RKL* - Keep Laughing: The Best Of. RKL the Oxnard area, RKL was still considered part of the Nardcore punk movement from OxnardCalifornia due to their close proximity to Oxnard and hardcore style.

Outside the studio while waiting for the rest of his bandmates to arrive, Bomer had a skateboarding accident that looked to be a broken wrist. Doug Moody, owner and operator of Mystic Records, duct taped his wrist then taped the drumstick to his hand so he could complete the session. RKL would play around California, and particularly enjoyed the scene in San Francisco, driving 6 hours to play shows and drive back.

Eventually they decided to move there, [9] [10] [11] minus Alpo. He did not wish to leave Santa Barbara. His position would remain empty for some time. After about five months Vince Peppars wanted to move back to Santa Barbara. Sears said:" Then Vince came back and Barry went to guitar". During this time RKL contributed various songs to a number of Mystic compilations. This release included classic RKL tracks "Think Positive" often played live as "Drink Positive""Ded Teds", and "Pothead" and has been named as one of the best skate punk records of all time.

Things were not good between the band and Mystic Records. The deal the band signed was that they would be a paid a percentage of sales in merchandise.

There is contention Why? - RKL* - Keep Laughing: The Best Of. RKL Mystic came through on that agreement. Due to the increasingly acrimonious situation between the band and Mystic Records and a luckless tour dubbed the Disastour by the band [11]RKL was looking for a new home and found one with the independent Alchemy Records.

They were also gearing up to take their sound to the next level. Bomer was the driving force and creative head of the band. He was a perfectionist and expected the same from us.

According to Bomer, he didn't like the direction of the new material and preferred the earlier rawer sound. So instead of saying it's metal, I'd say it's just super fast rock and roll. Previously, Ricky Bowersock had succeeded Peppars, but the band had soured on him and the spot was vacated.

Subsequently, Bomer ended up playing both drums and bass on the recording. After auditioning at least a dozen potential bass players, they finally found Joe Raposo through an advertisement in Maximumrocknroll. The artwork I Am For You (Dont Give Up) - Waking Ashland - I Am For You the album is a collection of blotter acid paper of varying size, image, and age contributed by Mark McCloud, [5] famous for his extensive collection which he calls the Institute of Illegal Images.

Ward was named temporary guardian for the European tour. Destiny proceeded to release a compilation album of Mystic recordings and called it Revenge is a Beautiful Feeling in reference to their perceived mistreatment by Mystic Records. The cover also featured a Pet Semetary - Ramones - Brain Drain of Doug Moody with his neck being twisted up by the same monster character that appeared on the cover of RKL's previous release, It's a Beautiful Feeling.

And we didn't have our own ad, it was sort of a Mystic deal where you had every band on the label listed as new albums And in our payment they took out some for promotion, saying that [Victor Hayden] sent posters to all the stores, and put ads in all kinds of magazines.

There was those two ads, and no one's ever seen a poster. In RKL called it quits for the first time. The drug abuse and constant partying was taking its toll. I would have fought that to the death and would have never let it happen. Bomer formed a new band called Slang after the dissolution of RKL. Though Fat Mike had stated during an interview in Maximumrocknroll that he was going to put out a Slang record on his then new record label Fat Wreck Chords, [25] Slang ended up signing with Epitaph Records [26] in and an album was recorded soon after.

At some point during this time Ward replaced Mahan. Dan Sites again provided artwork. The fans in Europe were not aware of the drastic sound change as the album had not yet been released. Many were disillusioned. During the tour Why? - RKL* - Keep Laughing: The Best Of. RKL friend and band roadie Will Knutilla died of a drug overdose in Zurich. Jason Sears was flown into Barcelona to re-join RKL and to Why?

- RKL* - Keep Laughing: The Best Of. RKL to complete the tour playing their pre- Reactivate songs. RKL pressed on without original member Bomer. They recorded a new album at the Music Annex in with completely new material. The resultant album Riches to Rags would be released in early and dedicated to Will Knutilla. The name was a sarcastic self-deprecating spoof on their previous 'Lifestyles' persona.

Around this time they were also featured on the national tabloid news television show Why? - RKL* - Keep Laughing: The Best Of. RKL Copy in a piece about LSD. However, tensions within the band caused RKL to once again go their separate ways. In RKL reformed briefly to play a single show at a mutual friends funeral but nothing further came of it.

Original members Jason Sears and Chris Rest reunited, along with three mutual friends including Derrick Plourde on drums to fill out the remaining positions. They played to approximately 2, people. Sears said, " This line-up played sporadic shows My Foundation - The Geeks - Every Time We Fall the West Coast for the next few years, including the San Francisco Warped Tour in The same year Boz Rivera replaced Derrick Plourde.

RKL was starting to write and record new songs during this time. However, by November it was decided to stop the band. Flippen has said "it was because the singer was self-destructive. It kind of sucked Derrick [Plourde] in too.

I think that band is cursed. An unreleased track from more recent demo recordings entitled "Twisting and Turning" was included on a 2 CD compilation album Sick Slabs of Sonic Sound from the Slaboratory Frozen Teardrops (Michael Kaye Club Mix) - Guru Josh Feat.

Lauren Rose - Frozen Teardrops December 17, On December 12,original member Richard Anthony Manzullo aka "Bomer" died due to heart failure at Our Enemies Will Be Destroyed - Schizoid - Enough IS ENOUGH!!! home in Summerland, California.

The cause of death was the result of a long time battle with Exodo - The New Babylon addictions. On January 31,Jason Sears died due to complications while undergoing a detox treatment involving ibogaine in TijuanaMexico. Bomer performed vocals and played bass. This group produced one self-titled album in on Honest Don's Recordsa subsidiary label set up by Fat Wreck Chords to release material by bands that didn't fit within the roster at Fat.

Rivera would later go on to join a reunited RKL. He also played guitar for Me First and the Gimme Gimmes on their tour. Ward is the lead vocalist and guitarist for San Francisco Bay Area 's Crosstops, [40] [41] who have released three full-length albums. As ofWard is touring with MDC. He recorded drums for Japanese band Mr. Orange on their album Radiostaticactivity released in Chris Rest was also part of this project. Additionally, he joined No Use For A Name in replacing Dave Nassie and remained a member until their final show following the death of lead singer Tony Sly in He has also played with the Dwarves.

In an interview with fasterlouder. As of [update]Raposo also works for Zynga as the quality assurance lead for their Rregula - The Barramundi Experiment (Vinyl, Album) social city-building simulation game CityVille. It was released on November 7, The album also features appearances by the lead vocalists of a number of major rock groups. RKL was profoundly influential on the punk rock scene.

Well, there might be a totally shitty NOFX RKL was the band that we would always be in the shadow of. When they broke up, we kinda took their spot.

They had this style of music that would just rip the whole time. RKL, known for their live shows, once had a Goleta, California crowd in such a fervor that a club owner deployed tear gas in an attempt to stop the large mosh pit.

And it was - I was part of the garage band that first started playing. And then they went to be known with other drummers and other musicians as RKL. And they actually became a fairly well-known punk rock band. The band is referenced by Janez Detd.


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