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Who Let The Dogs Out - The Associates - Live


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What's the meaning? Anyone can tell me? So I'll just copy the lyrics. It's just a raucous party song, but some one may care to provide an explication. Keep it clean, if you Who Let The Dogs Out - The Associates - Live. Trainers who teach some of the students to measure noise levels and test hearing protection use pop songs as the sound. This song was considered by our admin staff to be extremely sexist, since they said it was about men aggressively complaining about ugly women arriving After The Kingdom - Rooftop Vigilantes - Let It Be a party, when they wanted good looking ones.

It wasn't helped by the mysogynsist video clip, which had Youve Got To Pay Bills - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Motown Lost And Found: Along Came Love (1 in very short skirts kicking at a camera which was low on the ground. I was the final word on whether it was banned or not.

I must confess that, in making this decision, I never considered foreign policy or "the dogs of war" so - and may the Baha Men forgive me if I'm wrong - I agreed Who Let The Dogs Out - The Associates - Live it was about sex and ugly women, if only because that was what the trainer who chose it as the song told me it was about M:Dubs* Feat.

Lady Saw - Bump N Grind (.I Am Feeling Hot Tonight) first time he played it, despite his subsequent accusation that "I read too much into things". Right or wrong, that's the common interpretation. See "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. At a few parties I heard boys commenting that "My date is a dog.

I've heard the song in question only once, performed live at a wedding reception. If the song denigrates women, that seemed not to be evident to any of the women there, including a few who were hair-triggered feminists, nor to any of the men.

There is a Calypso song with the refrain: "So take an ugly woman for to be your wife, You'll be a happy man for the rest of your life. I thought it was about dogs, and nobody complained. It was very popular at sports stadiums across the U.

Nobody ever mentioned any sexist overtones or undertones, but I suppose that in the workplace you can't just change the channel. I think this discussion from my perspective at least has less to do with feminism and more to do with American culture sometimes appearing a little alien to Australians. In this sense, my money-down vote would be that it about about men partying and unleasing the doggy and not necessarily sexist side of their nature. The dogs in the song are clearly male. No, Brian, I never thought the song was about canines, although this may be because I have heard it so many, many, many times and do have a tendency towards interpretation.

Or, to be blunter - it's certainly not actually about yer actual dogs. That's how everybody in the workplace saw it, so the arguement was really about whether the song was sexist or not according to that interpretation. So, Smokey's point is the rub - whether it is sexist to "acknowledge that there is such a thing as an ugly woman? As a pragmatist in these matter s, I simply concluded that since it had caused offence to the admin staff and they would certainly not describe themselves as feminists it was likely to cause offence to some of the female students as well.

So, out it went. To be replaced, if memory serves me correctly, by a terrible Huston ballad, so it all serves me right. As I said, the panty up-skirt video clip didn't Who Let The Dogs Out - The Associates - Live the matter US standards are much more permissive in this matter than ours. Search Discussion Forum Home.


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