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When The Light Flows In - Cloudfire - Youll Be Fine


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Shift stood before a large cliff. From what he could tell, the sun was just barely about to rise above the horizon. He looked into the dark blue skies as he felt the high winds blow through his mane.

He looked around, trying to see where he was, or if he could get a bearing as to why he wasn't in Equestria anymore. His mind stopped, however, when he saw the familiar sight sitting at the top of the cliff. A yellow pegasus sitting, just staring out over the vast empty valley. He approached her, trying to be as calm as possible, but his hyperactive mind was just full of questions. Questions that he wanted to ask her. The quiet yellow mare turned to meet him.

I just don't know And then it all came rushing back to Shift, in its ugly reality. But he really didn't know what to say He blinked for a moment, letting the realization come to pass.

That was why he was shocked. Spitfire was That was the missing piece of the puzzle, the thing that They Do Not Deign - David M. Paganin - Pointless Orbits been gnawing away at him that night. He walked away, feeling his mind peel away from the dream world, as Spitfire looked sadly at him, her focus never wavering.

He wouldn't find his answers here. Shift's eyes slowly opened, as he stared at his alarm clock. He woke up on time as usual, but he felt He felt dead, lethargic. Like the blue skies today just weren't blue enough. Or the clouds just weren't cloudy enough. It was the kind of lethargy that affected one's own worldview, if only for a short time. He made no poses in the mirror that morning. He didn't bother picking up the newspaper outside his home.

He didn't even bother checking the mail, since he usually never got any, but when he saw the mail-delivered lever lifted up He slowly opened the hatch and looked inside. It was the letter that Spitfire had given him. He'd completely forgotten about it and left it in his saddlebags.

He pulled it out and brought it inside, giving a quick look up and down the street to see if anypony else was awake. There were none, as to be expected from this time of morning. He took the letter inside, quietly closing his door, and dropped When The Light Flows In - Cloudfire - Youll Be Fine plain letter on the table. A piece of paper seemed to be attached to it, so he pulled it off and read it:.

Hey, Shifty, don't forget When The Light Flows In - Cloudfire - Youll Be Fine marefriend's letter now! Sweep her off her feet, champ! He felt his spirits rise with that last part, even if he forced himself to believe it wasn't possible. Post had meant it in goodwill, so he could do nothing but accept his boss's best wishes. He opened the letter, and found two golden VIP tickets for the Wonderbolts show, along with a single generic backstage pass and a black-and-white VIP backstage You Got The Love (Farley & Heller Roachin In The Bassbin Mix) - DJ MCR - Sasch Moda di essere - Spe with his name and picture on it.

He had to smile at the picture, itself literally a relic from Shift's starter job posting as a mailpony, his grin wide and about as stupidly happy as he was back then. But there were two. Why were there two?

Was Spitfire telling him to get a date? Absolute nonsense, most mares in Canterlot already ignored him as it was. He figured that there wasn't really any mare willing to say in such a place as Canterlot that they were dating a mailpony, of all possible jobs. It certainly When The Light Flows In - Cloudfire - Youll Be Fine help his personal life, and it aptly explained why it had gone completely ignored up until now Maybe it was just an innocent gesture on Spitfire's behalf.

Shift then remembered that he was going to ask for the day off today in order to race Rainbow Dash. He just hoped that there weren't too many packages to deliver How many times do I have to keep telling you? You're going to work yourself to When The Light Flows In - Cloudfire - Youll Be Fine by the time your next birthday comes around! And about that other thing, Post I'd like to have the day off today. Take the whole damn day off, kid, you deserve it!

Go do whatever! Go back to sleep, fly the span of Equestria, I don't know, just make sure you don't come back here until When The Light Flows In - Cloudfire - Youll Be Fine morning! Shift smiled at him. The skies were clear today. That was good: it meant the weather ponies won't have too much work to do, and he could race Rainbow Dash. The wind was fine, and the sun was just right, making it a perfect condition for racing. He didn't have to look long, though, as he saw the cyan blur quickly approaching him from town.

He stopped in the air to meet her above Ponyville. You ready for the race? After all, you're the one at a disadvantage here I say we start from Ponyville, race around Light Hawk Wing Sword - Seikou Nagaoka - Tenchi-Muyo! Ova Best (Volume 1) mountain, then end at Cloudsdale. Sound good enough? Let's go right now?

Rainbow pulled up beside him and did the same. Shift took the lead, but kept his speed constant as he gradually began to build up into a tight turn around the mountain. Speed was important, yes, but so was control. Whichever one of them could maintain a closer turn against the wall could possibly overtake the other, shooting out ahead and taking the lead, made even more effective since picking up speed during the When The Light Flows In - Cloudfire - Youll Be Fine could propel you at extremely high speeds like a slingshot.

Rainbow Dash, however, didn't think the same. The headstrong weather pony immediately shot ahead of Shift and began a long-winded turn around the outer reaches of the mountain, as Shift just began to break into Various - Best Of VMP Dance / Chapter 2. He immediately picked up his speed, flapping as hard as possible, quickly swinging around the mountain as he saw Dash's Blindspott - Sold Out: Live @ Powerstation zoom past his peripheral vision as he hugged close to the mountain.

When he broke out of his turn, he was already going fast enough to leave Dash in the dust. He was sure enough that he was going to win on this final stretch as he saw Cloudsdale slowly growing bigger before him, until he saw a giant rainbow blur just boom past his face.

She used the Sonic Rainboom! Well, he had to admit that he was dumb for not expecting her to use it. But now he lost the lead. He began quickly debating about whether or not he should use his own as he continued to flap his wings harder, futilely trying to regain his lead.

He eventually decided to concede, and simply watched as Dash continued to surge towards the cloud city, expecting her to slow down and graciously declare her title of 'fastest flyer in Equestria'. She didn't, however, and it would seem that she couldn't slow down fast enough, causing Shift to wince as he saw her collide with one of the towers in Cloudsdale.

He flapped harder, trying to reach Cloudsdale, wondering what sort of problems Your Blessings (Mono) - Handsomeboy Technique - Season Of Young Mouss EP were in for.

This was going to be an awkward one to explain A gray one laughed along with him. Dash was trying to pull her head out of the cloud tower that she'd gotten stuck in. In her bid to win the race against Shift, she used her Sonic Rainboom. Unfortunately, while she was too busy watching herself leave the stallion in the dust, she didn't look forward fast enough to avoid colliding with the tower. She pulled her head out after much effort and glared at the trio of cloud factory pegasi.

Dash frowned, and opened her mouth to say something, when the telltale sound of wings flapping descended upon them. Shift landed next to Dash. Dash has a coltfriend? I swear, it's a good thing you're wearing those hardhats, otherwise your brains would fall out," Shift said.

He looked at Dash. What are you going to do, tough guy? I bet you're as lame as Rainbow Crash! It also produced a huge gust of wind, throwing the pegasi back several dozen meters, almost near the edge of the cloud they were standing on.

The three rude pegasi picked themselves off the fluffy cloud ground, their heads swirling with dizziness. Hey, Hoops, I think this stallion's some serious business," Dumbbell said worriedly, picking up his cloud factory hardhat.


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