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The Night Will Fall - Roger ODonnell - Grey Clouds Red Sky


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In the s, an Apache wise man had a Vision of four prophecies that foretold death and destruction for mankind, unless we incorporate Spirit in our daily lives. Get your own personal forecast, click here!

The Native prophecies are closely aligned with prophecy coming from many sources, and in some ways perhaps much more specific. A number of people can predict the future, but few get the timing correct. His many predictions not only came true in the manner he predicted, but also when he predicted. Tom Brown, Jr learned extensively from Grandfather for twenty years, from their first meeting when Tom was seven years old. At the time they had little more effect than to frighten me and cause me to sit up and take notice.

With that record, I could not help but feel the impact of these prophecies on my life. Grandfather could foretell the future with tremendous accuracy. Not only could he precisely tell us what would happen in the next moment, day, week or year, but with the same accuracy he could predict the possible futures for ten years and more away. It was not long before I began to keep detailed records of his predictions, along with other notes I kept on survival skills, tracking, awareness and things of the Spirit.

I received from Grandfather hundreds of personal, minor predictions, and well over half have since come true.

Along with the minor personal prophecies was a list of major predictions, of which, to date, over 65 have become absolutely true, not only in time and place but also in the exact order in which they were predicted to happen.

Grandfather said that there was not future, only possible futures. Thus his predictions were of the possible future, which meant that he always left a choice. No man, then, should feel Universal Race - Theatre Of Tragedy - Assembly, for it only takes one man to alter the consciousness of mankind through the Spirit-that-moves-in-all-things.

In essence, one thought influences another, then another, until the thought is made manifest throughout all of Creation. It is the same thought, the same force, that causes an entire flock of birds to change course, as the flock then has one mind. Out of all the personal and major prophecies that Grandfather foretold, there are four that stand out above all the rest.

It is these four that mark the destruction of man and life on Earth, as we know it to exist now. Yet Grandfather said that we could still change things, even after the first two prophecies came true, but that there could be no turning back after the third.

Now that we have gone well past the second prophecy, danger and destruction are very apparent, and our only recourse is to work harder to change what has possibly become the inevitable. The urgency that I feel-now, more than ever-is a direct result of the second, impossible prophecy coming true.

It is the reason that I Masterpiece - Mami Kawada - Best Birth, sometimes with a certain desperation, and constantly with the sense that we are quickly running out of time. I should have worked harder and with that same desperation at a much earlier date, but, like the rest of mankind, it took a strong message The Night Will Fall - Roger ODonnell - Grey Clouds Red Sky get me motivated.

I should have known that these things he prophesied would some day come true, because his personal, minor predictions were coming true daily. He predicted the formation Никто не забыт - Онейроид* - Шапка Стереомаха my school, my books, my family, and even the horrible mistakes I would make as I tried to Need 4 Speed - Pterradacto - Dactovision within society.

It was then that the urgency made itself known. We had been with Grandfather for The Night Will Fall - Roger ODonnell - Grey Clouds Red Sky years at the time and were accustomed to his prophecies and their accuracy. Our ability to understand the things of the Spirit world were as sure as our ability to survive and track.

Grandfather was a living miracle, and so many of the things that he did on a daily basis, sometimes unconsciously, would be considered miraculous by most. Yet as savvy as we were spiritually, the night of the four prophecies shocked us like nothing we had ever experienced before.

We had been hiking all day without much of a break, making our way to a place where we were going to camp, atop a small hill that I now call Prophecy Hill. It was a typical midsummer hike: hot, humid and dusty, with no water available along our entire travel route. As usual, we still took time to stop frequently or take side trips to explore various areas along our route.

The adventure and exploration kept us fresh and eager, making the fatigue, heat and thirst hardly factors. Many times along the way, Grandfather would stop and teach us-not physical lessons of survival, tracking or awareness, but lessons dealing with the awareness of Spirit. Very often he would discuss the future and, almost as frequently, the past-the distant past. At one point we stopped along the deer trail we were travelling and followed Grandfather through some heavy brush.

The trees and shrubs were far different than those throughout the rest of the Pine Barrens, and I immediately knew this place as an old homestead or town of some sort.

Even though the buildings had long since rotted away, the plants and The Night Will Fall - Roger ODonnell - Grey Clouds Red Sky still marked The Night Will Fall - Roger ODonnell - Grey Clouds Red Sky spot where civilisation had once stood.

Passing through several very thick areas, we finally entered a The Night Will Fall - Roger ODonnell - Grey Clouds Red Sky of very tall, old sycamore trees. From their branches and up their trunks ran huge vines, the kind one might imagine finding in a jungle.

In fact, the whole place looked like a jungle-so out of place from the pine, oak and blueberry that is typical in the Pine Barrens. As we sat down, a deeper spiritual sense of awareness came over me, and it was then that I noticed the gravestones.

This was the place of a very old and probably long-forgotten cemetery, possibly belonging to the town that had once been here.

The stones were old; some lay flat on the ground and others stood upright, though none was straight. Plants and bushes had overrun many of the stones, and I could barely make out the markings on the stones. The weathering process had worn away many of the names and dates, making them barely readable.

At once we were in awe, humbled and reverent in this place of death; at the same time, we were amazed that Grandfather had found it so easily. To my knowledge, none of us had been there before, nor had Grandfather ever spoken of this Unknown Artist - Hot Hits 2. Yet for some reason he seemed to be drawn to it, knowing that it was there on some unseen spiritual level, at least unseen to us.

I suspect now, as I look back, that he knew that it would become a teaching lesson for us. He walked over to a gravestone that The Night Will Fall - Roger ODonnell - Grey Clouds Red Sky partially hidden by foxgrape vines and gently pulled them away. After a long moment, he motioned us to come over. Grandfather then spoke. What did they work for and what were their hopes, dreams and visions? Did they just work physically or did they work for the things beyond the flesh, for a grander purpose?

Certainly they affected the Spirit-that-moves-in-all-things, but did they really work to the best of their ability to make things better for the future of their grandchildren, or did they do nothing other than to perpetuate the myth of society? Were they happy, joyous and filled with spiritual rapture, or did they just lead lives of labour and mediocrity? And did this boy live close to the Earth and the Creator, or did he just give up his youth, his sense of adventure, to toil, as did his parents and their parents before them?

This boy was exactly your age, and I suspect he had hopes and dreams much like yours. But this is his legacy, lying in a forgotten grave. After a long moment of silence, Grandfather answered. For without spiritual happiness and rapture, life is shallow. Without seeking the things of the Spirit, life is half lived and empty. And by spiritual life I do not mean just setting aside one hour of one day of one week for worship, but to seek the things of the spirit every moment of every day.

I ask you, then: What did these people do to seek spiritual enlightenment and rapture? Did they just give in to a life that was little more than work? They were given a choice every day of their lives-as you will be given a choice to seek the rapture of the Spirit or to resign yourselves to a life of meaningless work.

The end result is always the same: forgotten graves and forgotten dreams of forgotten people. It is not important that anyone notice or remember, but that you work to touch God and affect in a positive way the consciousness of the Spirit-that-moves-in-all-things, thus bringing the consciousness of man closer Part #1 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005, Ten Years Of Afe (File) the Creator.

We left The Night Will Fall - Roger ODonnell - Grey Clouds Red Sky graveyard without a word and headed up to the campsite on the hill. By the time we reached the camp, it had cooled off and the Sun had long since set. As we built shelters and a fire and gathered food, time seemed to fly by unnoticed, as my mind was thoroughly engrossed in thoughts of the lessons in the graveyard. I wondered how much I might be like that nameless dead boy in that forgotten grave.

Was I just seeking the flesh and not working hard enough in the things of the Spirit? It was then that I realized the deeper lessons of what Grandfather was trying to teach me. I realized then that I should live life as if I were to die tomorrow, for that is what happened to that young boy. No one can be assured of another day, but we must live each day fully, in flesh and most of all in Spirit.

I sat by the fire after the work was done, relaxing, still deep in thought about the boy in the graveyard. Grandfather sat at the far end of the fire, his eyes closed, but I suspected that he was not sleeping.

In the firelight, his features appeared more that of a spirit than of flesh. Quietly he leaned forward and answered the many questions I had on my mind. At times, his ability to know what was on my mind was unnerving, sometimes making me angry to think that he could know my thoughts. When they burst into flight, their cohesiveness is even more startling and wondrous.

At once they all will be flying in a certain direction, and then in an instant the entire flock will turn simultaneously and take a new direction. When viewed from afar, the flock appears to be one animal, one organism, one consciousness, governed by the collective force and spirit of all the individuals.

The individual then transcends self and becomes one with the whole. Thus, at once, the bird moves within the flock and the flock moves within the bird. So, then, do not ask what you can do to affect the life force in a Booker Newberry III - Teddy Bear way, for the same Spirit that moves within the birds also moves within you.

One person, one idea, one thought can turn the flock of society away from the destructive path of modern times. It is not a question as to whether we make a difference, for we all make a Ill Always Be With You - Various - Greatest Love Songs - Golden Greats, each of us in our own way. It is the difference we make that is important.

My statement was more a question than a declaration. To do so is selfish, and those Magic Touch - Kiss - Dynasty / Asylum just seek the spiritual realms for themselves are not working to change the Spirit that moves through the consciousness of man.

Instead they are running away, hiding from their responsibility and using their wisdom for their own glorification. I sat for a long time in the quietude of the night, trying desperately to understand what Grandfather had told me. In essence, it was not enough to work for spiritual enlightenment for self, but to work for the spiritual enlightenment of all of mankind.


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