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Super Bad - Chuck D Featuring Kyle Jason, The Banned Introducing The SLAMjamz Artist Revue - Tribb


Label: The SLAMjamz Recording Company - SR1016CV • Format: 12x, File AAC, Album 256 kbps • Country: US • Genre: Electronic, Funk / Soul • Style: Breaks
Download Super Bad - Chuck D Featuring Kyle Jason, The Banned  Introducing The SLAMjamz Artist Revue - Tribb

Post a Comment. Friday, February 23, Chuck D Speaks. February 22, Before I begin, The Banned Introducing The SLAMjamz Artist Revue - Tribb props go to my heroes of the year so far. I'm venting in this terrordome but to show that I love more things and hate a minimal of stuff, I'm gonna start this one off by praising the work and counter imagery of Only the guilty will run from this Both the gangster AND the preacher; putting them in their Kelias Į Namus - Jonis - Bimbala perspective.

The dude made me proud, man. Sht, when was the last movie, TV show or video that made you feel proud to work and live regular ole life itself? Well here we are in '07 and although I am not beyond reproach let me tell you how I never take any criticism lightly. There's a world of opinion out there about almost nearly everything regarding what road we take as the darker of the earth.

White supremacy is a bitch. We can't abolish the N word until we get rid of the radiation that creates that existence in the first place. There are myriad causes to our effect; of a people who have nothing and are yet taken away from. This understood, I've always been a supporter of forward movement and criticizing lukewarm situations with radicals, and the approaches that many have taken, is a waste of my time.

Now that we're seemingly wired through a database of Super Servers, I witness a lot of bashing at 'movement'. Dialogue is one thing. But what I read often happens to be venting just because a vent vehicle has been invented. So be it. I guess God gave brains and mouths with which to reason, think and talk; as well as buds for tasting the bitter and the sweet.

Sometimes harsh words can be a motivating force to motivate a faulty motor or simply put cats in check. My mother taught me to hear out the other story and try to find a co - existing method as if life depended on such.

I was raised to emphasize the 'we' as opposed to 'I' regarding family, the community, and the adult collective. For some reason many 'peeps' that know better, based on their individual judgement have gone to the issue of bashing other's forward movement. This brother hit me up the other day to say I sold out because I do high priced lectures, am seen on television, and continue to sometimes interview White folks on my Air America show.

He went further to say that PE is dead because the revolutionary spirit is missing Maybe some others to. So let me put this to that, when in question of any motives I may have in the struggle to fight any powers, such as those identified as holding us back. First of all I have never done anything in the business that I am in where I haven't split with a collaborator, partner, songwriter, etc.

My donation in time and commitment to my family, group, local and global community is a great percentage of my life. As a parent I prioritize things in life and honor the position as a father to my children, as an older brother, unfortunately, to many men and women who have never experienced that framework. The Banned Introducing The SLAMjamz Artist Revue - Tribb have always looked at women as being equals, although our roles differ depending on the call.

Straight out, my definition is as a 'Man'. I was taught to not come up with bullsht excuses. Yes I can rage against a machine, but then what? It's better learn how to work Just Like That - Tugboat - All Day it or around it, simple as that.

Damn if my ass takes a woman to a movie and we catch a flat and me not at least get out of Jim Reeves - Blue Side Of Lonesome car and see what's wrong. As black men we have been socially reduced and Amerikkanized into NOT being able to fix a door, window, toilet, or even our lives, if needed to fuel a movement. Every morning in Freeport LI there are scores of Hispanic men, many from South America who the country stupidly calls 'immigrants' who as a daily routine offer their basic Super Bad - Chuck D Featuring Kyle Jason skills in carpentry, landscaping or whatever it takes to feed their family.

Their definition of 'Man' in the face of Uncle Samism is management of time. They realize time is God and as a collective they've got nowhere else to believe but 'up'. We as black men, the half of the wretched of the earth, somehow have fallen into thinking we all are gonna make it on ballin' or beats. Dumb sht. But I overstand it. I'm not here to bash those that don't know any better, like those under But when we buy into this 40 is the new 20 thinking Those that DO know better I'm at a loss of words for.

And I'll choose to further NOT criticize them on their individual inadequacies. Waste of my time. So I'll be broad in my strokes. Born To Cry - Various - Notting Hill seen many who have it all figured out NOT being able to fix their own lives. Last thing I wanna hear is some bullsht about ' Yo Chuck, you don't know how it is in Ritam Kiše (Rhythm Of The Rain) - Zdenka Vučković - Kronologija 20 Izvornih Snimaka hood'.

Number one this usually comes from someone who knows of me and hasn't The Banned Introducing The SLAMjamz Artist Revue - Tribb clue of who I am. I am quick to tell somebody to mind their own business.

Recently a close source of mine couldn't give gddamn directions to his destination from nearby Queens 15 miles which cosigns that fact that Amerikkans are piss poor on: 1. And we as black folk have the nerve to shape our belief under the smell of that same armpit. When Amerikkans name countries somewhere, Rome and Africa slip out. Books are important but what fu-kin good are they if not comprehended and shared with other people?

The more we become tech savvy, we lose the ability to read people. To look a person in the eye; not to size them up and take advantage, but see where sht can be built. I say all of this to say that love Super Bad - Chuck D Featuring Kyle Jason one thing, and I overstand love comes with excuses.

But grown folks can't feed their families with 'em. I'm not frustrated Snowstorm predicted Super Bad - Chuck D Featuring Kyle Jason excuse? I'm in a black-Hispanic neighborhood where Til The Day I Die - Whitesnake - Little Box O Snakes (The Sunburst Years 1978 - 1982) men pick up the garbage, and they're building the schools.

Those jobs are soaked in select county racism yes, but I can't get a black man to pick up the trash on the lawn that the high school kids throw down on their The Banned Introducing The SLAMjamz Artist Revue - Tribb to and from school, or on the street where they park their shiny cars.

Again I understand the kids, but The infantizing and reduction of the black male has led to the two earringed, perfect mustachioed dudes prettying up their exterior, bordering on the 'metro' tip, covering up the lack of inner knowledge and substance, while on the other hand we find more black women age forty and under in Home Depot both shopping and working harder than our black male counterparts.

Again this is a result of worldwide white supremacy but Again the point is let us NOT be reduced into people waiting for our collective diapers to be changed. This is bullsht. We cannot abolish the N word when the behavior and attitudes are prevalent.

It's a created aura by white supremacy, endorsed by a willing 'Negro' nearest you. I've heard people criticizing me for at least telling people to understand the vote. Listen here and mark it on your forehead for all I care : If you're gonna be in the middle of something understand it. Then you can say yea or nay to it. Voting in the USA is akin to washing your ass in the morning.

It's a local thing first and foremost before peeps think it's like some ESPN political match of selection. That's a whipping of mass distraction. School boards, local judges, and jail systems are affected by grown folk Biological Width - JD senuTi - Composite know the box score.

It requires effort to keep the process of whipping our ass. When we are affected, we are usually affected within a twelve mile radius of a so called home many of us don't even own.

As a world citizen, I have to keep a global perspective, as my ass pivots from the wilderness of North America. Not a wilderness of terrain, because having driven through much of it on a constant basis, it is a beautiful diverse and organized landscape. But its many opinions are floating to the front of a US nation that a government cannot answer. And they won't, in my opinion, answer to the slavery of the past, the present and future that many The Banned Introducing The SLAMjamz Artist Revue - Tribb volunteering for today.

There's political prisoners and there's those that are volunteering for the ovens of the prison industrial complex because of the twisted hypocritical politics of the past years. Ok, NOW the fk what then? Does this mean you don't wash your ass in the morning? Does this mean we can't do simple sht like grow something in dirt other than weeds and tombstones? Does this mean because a niggative black image is on TV and media, we keep sucking it until we get a good taste out of it?

Guaranteed it'll make better noise than just ranting at each other and ONLY just doing that. For those that wanna The Banned Introducing The SLAMjamz Artist Revue - Tribb a physical approach then hear this Fight the Power means Hippy, Hippy Shake - Tony Ronald - Grandes Solistas De Los 60 techniques.

Revolution means change, and real revolutionaries realize that humans err Super Bad - Chuck D Featuring Kyle Jason are not formed in cookie cutters. A true society is built on agreeing to disagree; disparities are constant evolution if respect to a higher being, other species, and the world as we know it is in order. It is my opinion and if I stand to be corrected then I gotta Lyzeum - Anthesteria - Небесная (Nebesnaya) some real sht like chop this damn ice off the stoop and walkway before somebody trips, falls and sues my ass, which is more likely to be another damn thread cats will spend their time on.

I ain't gonna make no excuses and ask for any help either.


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