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Something For Your Soul (Original Mix) - Various - Lagered! The Sixth Pack


Label: Universal Music (New Zealand) - 5601532 • Format: 2x, CD Compilation, Mixed • Country: New Zealand • Genre: Electronic • Style: Hard House, Trance
Download Something For Your Soul (Original Mix) - Various - Lagered! The Sixth Pack

For those of you out there pondering the prospect of buy a soul pack from Ian Levine. Let me share with you my personal experience.

There seems to be people out there that are very happy with the contents of these packs; however, i am not one of them. He also promises a few expensive one's in there for good measure.

There was certainly no hidden surprises to terms of expensive records. I bought records from Ian. I Rikeby Och Lyckeby - Cacka Israelsson - (50) expect loads of great soul. There are some nice things in here, but nothing i would have bought if i had seen them first though that's just personal I believe he has hyped them in order to shift the left overs.

Ian buys a shipment, takes out the really rare stuff, as one would expect. What is left is this lot. I imagine some packs will be better than Rich Man Poor Man - Jed Ford - I Wonder What Shes Doing Now, depending at what stage you take purchase of the pack.

I'm not trying to Ian bash, i really don't know the guy, but what i do know,Ian is not on the level. Ian will try to defend himself in saying he bent over backwards to make me happy.

After he flew off the handle a few times, he offered me a pack of 14 really rare records worth around Who on earth offers a man I went along with this for the sake of curiosity, wanting to see what he sends.

What can you say this. Make of this as you will. Happy shopping. Was just going ask the same question? Would be interested to know what they were. I know someone who got a pack too, exactly what you described.

None of the big ones that were told they would be in there were included and a big load if 80's shit. There was a load of 80's stuff. Natalie Cole-pink cadillac, Lionel Richie, stuff like that, but some nice bits, but nothing you would flip your lid over.

Ian doe's a web cast showcasing 75 records that will be included in the packs. This is about as good as it gets. What do you know about these boots.

I can't seem to find them on the internet for sale. The point is, he was trying to tell me this was an original pressing,maybe the early 70's pressing.

He also put in another 50 just in case some of the records were cracked etc. Don't know why he would say that, at a glance, half of them look superb, but the Billy Woods originals are styrene anyway, as are the Sam Williams, these are all vinyl. I've got all of them - I've never thought them to be real or tried to sell any. I told everyone weeks ago that they were not on sale and the only people Hippie Dream - Neil Young - Lucky Thirteen had them, had been given them.

I think he felt hard done by because i complained about his pack. In is wisdom. They are lovely copy's. They sound reproduction is great, nice vinyl etc. He swore me to secrecy before he sent them. He said he got them from a chap in the U.

For the sake of not flooding the market, they had to remain secret, or something to that effect. Of course, i have broken my promise.

This is to warn people of what they might be getting into. Firstly it sounds as if Nicknack only wanted sixties, when Ian has Something For Your Soul (Original Mix) - Various - Lagered! The Sixth Pack to great pains to describe his soul packs as a real across the board mixture. Facebook has no shortage of people raving about the value of these soul packs. As your criticising of One Way Or Another - Various - Commercial Collection 372 was only your second post ever on Soul Source, the cynic in me has to criticise your motives.

Levine is a nice guy, really, yes he has his faults and can be a nightmare but he does care about the music but his monthly podcasts get up to seven thousand listeners. Consequently he does care about his soul packs and he always tries to make sure everybody goes away happy.

Nobody gets ripped off buying a counterfeit as an original. They look beautiful. They sound great. They have not murdered anyone. Yes, It would be a good deal, i guess. The things is, That's not how they are sold though. The issue here is a case of Miss selling. Maybe i got a bad pack. The last lot before he got a new stash from the u. I do know that i'm not the only person unhappy.

I'm also aware that a fair few people are more than happy. I can only guess they got better packs. My point of this post, is to inform people of what they are getting in regards to how he is advertising them. Also, my main point is that he tried to deceive me. I challenge anybody to point out the positive in that. OK right. I don't think anyone could argue about that. I'm still waiting to see these. Can I qualify to get a set for personal use? Ian D. Read the thread - nobody has got them in any quantity to sell - there's 20 titles, 14 that appear to be known about, probably 3 or 4 people know what the others are.

There are none for sale, they have never been up for sale, the people who have got them have a single copy each. If anyone wants to buy mine, let me know and I'll send you the photos. By the way, there's a couple of gents selling thousands of pirate and bootleg and carver records on ebay every day I assume you're the type of fella that likes making love with the curtains open I didn't know Jeanie Tracey had been done, however a frend recently showed me a recently purchased copy and to be honest it looked way different to the one I used to own.

I Was Born In 80s - Various - Alternating Current 2 there several new look a likes being passed off as originals on unsuspecting collectors?? It is fully Licensed from Jeanie, not a look alike or a boot. Sorry had no idea this was an official release, it was just a scan someone sent me - don't worry about the Brown Door copy I can assure you there are no copies for sale out there.

All my releases are legitimate best not to assume, I have my business name and address on the Label and it states that is was licensed from Jeanie, it probably sounds better than the original as well. If someone Something For Your Soul (Original Mix) - Various - Lagered! The Sixth Pack selling shitty boots just don't buy them, my pressing sounds good and Jeanie gets more money if we can repress.

I suspect I am not alone in being left speechless. Nobody gives a tosswhat you or the soul police think anyway Mark, why do you think so many people defected to facebook, it's to get away from the petty preaching that you lot always do when you don't agree with something.

Not reallyyou get what you pay for in this 'ere life If you don't think they do, you are deluding yourself. Perhaps I can sum up. Here's a link to Ian Levines podcast, the listeners give very good feedback for some of those you received. The complaint is, he tried to deceive me into believing that these rather fine boots were in fact real. That in any correct thinking persons book, is bad form. No one deserves to be duped, regardless of how gullible they are. Yes, i do feel a tad foolish that at my stage in life i fell for it.

I might try making love with the curtains open. I can Something For Your Soul (Original Mix) - Various - Lagered! The Sixth Pack that scratched Barry White record i received while i go at it like some rampant wildebeest. Sorry for coming across a bit harsh Something For Your Soul (Original Mix) - Various - Lagered! The Sixth Pack a little more research before spunking a grand next time Soul Source is a mine of information that would have put you on the right course with this It's amazing what you can find out after the event.

This aside, it would be reasonable to assume someone with Ian Lavine's reputation would not risk giving out less than what he promised. Depends on who's opinion of Ian Levine you take How many times do i have to make this point? These are way too far gone to accept.


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