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Serenade - Laurindo Almeida - Guitar Recital (Guitar Solos)


Label: Coral - CRL 57056 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: US • Genre: Jazz, Classical • Style: Latin Jazz
Download Serenade - Laurindo Almeida - Guitar Recital (Guitar Solos)

Chord Melody Guitar Music Enter song title or name of artist. Or just scroll down - material is listed alphabetically by artist's last name. Peabody Conservatory trained guitarist Steven Herron is available to answer questions and make recommendations that will help you become a better guitarist! Just call Toll-Free now!! This book contains a complete solo guitar arrangement, lead sheet and comping etude for each song.

This book presents many of the components used in playing this style of music on the guitar. The majority of the content focuses on accompaniment styles and techniques and explains theoretical concepts pertaining to harmony, rhythm and chords commonly used in bossa nova and samba. Notation and tab Two separate books included for each guitar Serenade - Laurindo Almeida - Guitar Recital (Guitar Solos) . Carlos Arana - Bossa Nova Guitar Mechanical Mask - Rudi Arapahoe - False Self Book and CD This excellent book is intended for a wide range of guitarists, from those with little experience in complex musical styles like jazz, Samba, or Bolero, to highly trained professional guitarists looking to expand their musical palettes.

In this book, you'll gain a strong command of the style, concentrating on these core elements: harmony, rhythms, right-hand technique, chord progressions, essential patterns, and more. Includes a CD with demos. The first section of this book covers the fundamental rhythmic and harmonic characteristics of samba, bossa nova and choro styles followed by practical applications on the guitar.

Each style is broken down into its historic and regional roots, with examples that capture its essence and a beautiful chord melody solo of "The Gentle Rain" is taught.

Over 60 examples are demonstrated on the CD. Notation, tab and chord diagrams Using modern compostional techniques and harmonies to enhance traditional forms and styles, Bellinati has created a comtemporary approach to Brazilian folklore. CD contains 79 demo tracks. Brian Chambouleyron - Latin Styles For Guitar - Book and CD The 12 tunes in this book specially composed by award winning Argentinean guitarist, Brian Chambouleyron, display some of the different, original styles characteristic of the Latin American people and vary in complexity, from intermediate to advanced.

The CD has 12 tracks of Brian playing the lead part and 12 tracks with just the rhythm accompaniment, plus a guitar-tuning track. Tango is a dance, Age Of Uncertainty - Sean Keane* - Turn A Phrase rhythm and a characteristic musical color.

The 13 solos contained in this book were written especially Serenade - Laurindo Almeida - Guitar Recital (Guitar Solos) guitar and are presented in different degrees of complexity. Tune up with the tuning Serenade - Laurindo Almeida - Guitar Recital (Guitar Solos) on the CD and then play along with Brian on the Tangos, Milangos, Waltzes and even a guitar duet. The songs are also repeated with the lead for you to play the solo part. Standard notation This book contains a complete solo guitar arrangement and comping chords for each song.

Robert Conti - The Sound Of Rio - Vol 1 - DVD Bring new life to your solos with a truckload of fresh, new exciting ideas and a brand new approach with Robert Conti's proven hands-on, play it right now, no modes Serenade - Laurindo Almeida - Guitar Recital (Guitar Solos) no scales approach! This lesson begins with Robert playing an incredible single-note solo over the chord changes to the Jobim tune "The Girl From Ipanema".

He then dissects the entire solo into small, digestible pieces, note-by-note, measure-by-measure, allowing you to closely observe and duplicate every nuance of his solo lines. In addition, he also presents many of his "off the sheet" techniques not found in the printable PDF file. The distinctive sound of Brazilian bossa nova guitar has permeated the musical landscape for fifty years - influencing singers, instrumentalists and songwriters throughout the world.

Based on a melding of jazz voicings and samba rhythms, this gently swinging fingerpicking based style will bring new colors and rhythms to all your guitar accompaniments and solos!

Aaron You And Me Time - Martin Philip - Metime builds your bossa nova guitar technique step-by-step, providing chordal exercises, melodic passages and syncopated picking along with invaluable guitar advice and musical knowledge. He opens the lesson with his original song " Hold the Place" which is based around a typical four-chord progression that will give your playing an instantly recognizable Brazilian sound, while putting it into a present day singer-songwriter context.

Teaching in "little bites" so you can absorb each musical idea, Aaron carefully demonstrates the chord shapes, rhythms, turnarounds, and progressions that will allow you to work out arrangements for songs like The Girl from Ipanema, Black Orpheus, Desafinado and other international hits!

Each of these timeless Brazilian tunes has permeated musical culture worldwide and has been heard on numerous recordings, film soundtracks, and in performances by top pop and jazz artists. After an important overview of how jazz chords and voicings are built, Aaron starts you off with "O Barquinho Little Boat ", a perfect introductin to the bossa nova style.

Aaron teaches each of these pieces in focused, measure-by measure detail, clearly explaining the rhythms, jazz harmonies, syncopations, bass grooves and melodic elements that will make these iconic pieces come alive under your fingers! Printable standard notation and tab PDF on disc. This song teaches you how to sound like a true bossa nova guitar player. Some of the techniques in this piece will be familiar to anyone who has heard the bossa nova sound. Learning these beautiful Serenade - Laurindo Almeida - Guitar Recital (Guitar Solos) evocative arrangements will immeasurably add to your repertoire and will give you an in-depth schooling in Brazilian guitar musicianship and technique!

Juan Carlos, Romero, El Alero". With over four hundred songs to his credit, Jobim single handedly brought the Bossa Nova to the world, where it became a main ingredient in the jazz cookbook. Jobim's new sound adapted the rhythmic variety and percussive excitement of the Samba to the intimacy of syncopated guitar, while echoing the melodies and harmonies of cool jazz. This is an extraordinary gathering of jazz giants and together with Jobim himself in his last recorded concert appearancethey recreate his classic melodies in a beautiful, concert-length Thank You".

Carlos displays the stunning musicality, arranging skills and refined classical guitar techniques that have drawn applause from concert halls the world over. Many of these selections were arranged by Carlos Barbosa-Lima and include unusual techniques such as double harmonics and Hawaiian slack-key effects! This DVD features one-on-one Light Speed - Ultravibe Featuring Dead Dred - Light Speed / Shallow Depth instruction with Brazilian guitarist Romero Lubambo teaching 33 essential bossa nova guitar patterns!

Lessons include: 8 important chord progressions based on classic bossa nova rhythms, 3 new rhythmic patterns developed from the basic rhythm, 8 new chord patterns using these James Saunders - #[unassigned], 6 different bossa nova styles, 8 new melodic patterns, and performances that demonstrate solo guitar styles, accompanying a singer, and performing in a band setting!

Volume 1 gets you started with proper techniques and teaches you some of your favorite songs at the same time! This book includes: new Latin American pieces for pedagogical purposes, picking studies in 7 keys, new solos in diverse Latin styles for concerts and begins the study of Latin American folk and popular musical forms.

Includes pictures and interviews. In addition, a rich vocabulary of characteristic chord progressions are covered with techniques for integrating Brazilian melodic and accompaniment styles. Also included are a number of authentic Brazilian solo compositions. With musician-friendly lead sheets, melody cues, professional rhythm tracks, choruses for soloing, removable bass part and removable piano part for study.

For performing, each tune also has an additional full stereo accompaniment track no melody and additional choruses for soloing choose to play more solos instead of playing the melody. Here is a unique opportunity for guitarists to delve into the beautiful sounds of this musical land. Rick begins by going over chords that are commonly used by Brazilian guitarists. He then teaches the accompaniment to Gilberto Gil's beautiful composition "A Paz" to illustrate the use of chords with open strings.

Rick's solo guitar arrangement of Antonio Carlos Jobim's "One Note Samba" will be a welcome addition to any guitarist's repertoire with it's rhythmic drive and rich harmonies! Samba rhythms are then explored with examples that are sure to enhance one's groove and arsenal of techniques. Rick also gives examples of inner string movement which will prove invaluable to those looking for ways to generate more excitement and authenticity in their comping. A sambified version of "Happy Birthday" demonstrates how to apply these techniques to a familiar tune and make it sound fresh.

And, to provide an even greater challenge for all players, Rick gives a detailed analysis of his tour de force solo guitar piece "Amigo Paulo". This tune with it's "choro" influences incorporates many of the techniques Rick uses and is sure to provide exciting new ideas for guitarists looking for innovative new colors and textures to add to their playing!

Guitar players who want to add Latin, salsa, reggae, samba or Caribbean music to their solo-repertoire will find an original and unique collection of compositions which will give joy to both players and listeners. The playing-level is intermediate to advance. This collection of original pieces will delight both listeners and guitarists who want to add samba and bossa nova music to their repertoire! The playing level is intermediate to advanced. Peiro, "La Cumparsita" -G. Matos Rodriguez, "El Chocio" -A.

Villoldo, "Derecho Viejo" -John Zaradin. Also includes performance notes on the scores, fingering and interpretation. Cross indexing makes this manual extremely easy to use and regardless of what style of music you play, we know you will find this to be a valuable, "must have" addition to your library. Wikipedia article on Bossa Nova.

You can The Roar - Coltek - The Roar place your order Toll Free by calling now! See Our Guarantee! Home Page. Secure Order Form In this collection, masterful Brazilian guitarist Paolo Bellinati has meticulously written out his solo guitar arrangements of ten melodies by his beloved countryman and pioneering bossa nova composer, Antonio Carlos Jobim. With performance notes for each piece, these arrangements would best be approached by the intermediate to advanced classical guitarist.

Also included are substantial biographies of both Bellinati and Jobim, plus a notation key illuminating the special Serenade - Laurindo Almeida - Guitar Recital (Guitar Solos) techniques needed to effectively perform each arrangement.


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