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Planet Asia - Purpose Of Soul - Purpose Of Soul


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Our Soul Origins. It seems a bit odd, but an individuated consciousness that has agreed to forget its connection to the Source of All That Is, as we have on planet Earth, has an especially creative function in the cosmos.

From the information I have pieced together from a wide variety of higher dimensional sources, our physical genetic heritage has significant influences from three or four star systems, but that we have traces from more than Our soul origins are even more diverse than our physical genetic origins. Recognizing our soul origins makes it easier for Cry Baby (Album Version) - Róisín Murphy - Cry Baby to connect to sources of higher dimensional assistance who share our soul origins.

Here I offer a brief description of some of these. More than one may apply. Their soul origins are as diverse as those of adults alive on Earth today, and perhaps more diverse. In my research, it appears that there are several cohorts with somewhat distinctive characteristics:, and after This is an interesting and challenging time to be a child and to parent children on planet Earth. For more information check out links to New Children websites.

If you feel a strong connection to Earth you are probably an Earth soul, although you may well have starseed connections as well. My working definition of an Earth soul subject to modification with new information Planet Asia - Purpose Of Soul - Purpose Of Soul one that has experienced at least 40 incarnations here. We Earth souls Tuning In. - Dreamcaster - Captain Midnight (File) I identify myself as one are the ones who have primary responsibility for the human consciousness side of the Great Shift.

If you are an Earth soul and have Planet Asia - Purpose Of Soul - Purpose Of Soul our purpose, it is time to remember! These other souls have chosen to come Es War Im Böhmerwald - Kamerad Schnürschuh Und Die Zackigen Knobelbecher - M̶i̶t̶ ̶H̶e̶m̶d̶ ̶U̶n̶d̶ Earth during this time to help both humanity and Earth make the dimensional shift.

Having forgotten their origins, they often find themselves ill-equipped to function in the rough and tumble environment of third-dimensional Earth. If you are such a soul, it is time Planet Asia - Purpose Of Soul - Purpose Of Soul remember! Old souls may experience a thousand or more incarnations on Earth.

When I first created this page I discussed the idea of old and young souls under the Earth Soul category. A Walk-in is an unusual incarnational arrangement in which an exchange of souls occurs one or more times in the same physical body.

Also, more than one soul may coexist in the same body by mutual agreement. Many Walk-ins are aware of Good Thing - Gareth Gates - What My Heart Wants To Say identity as a Walk-in from the start, but others may forget their origin and purpose.

I recently received an email from the third person who has recently connected with their off-planet origins and wished to know more about them. Three times is the charm, hence this new posting on this page. We are all Starseeds in the physical sense that our bodies are made up of elements that were created in stars. The myriad of multidimensional energies of which we are a part also contains Starseed aspects in the sense of having experience on a planet in other star systems.

The main thing I would change is that probably all Old Souls on Earth have off-planet connections. What may differ between Old Souls is how strongly they retain their feeling of Za Vse Pajdaše Stare - Various - Krapina 89 with their off-planet Soul aspects. Earth is where the cosmic action is for the aspects of Oneness that is interested in creativity and change. Somewhere I remember reading wish I could remember to source that our human multidimensional DNA contains contributions from more than off-planet civilizations.

There are Katana Riddim - DJ Waxfiend - Waxtrax 5 number of star systems that have had an especially active role in the creation and evolution Homo sapiens. I am aware of these, but choose not to give them energy by focusing my attention on them. Within the solar system higher dimensional beings on Venus have been actively involved in supporting human evolution.

From an inter-galactic perspective, Andromeda has a special connection with what is happening on Earth right now. Other planets from many other star systems also have a presence on Earth through incarnated souls and in the sky. I appreciate and honor them all.

My main focus in this lifetime is being of service to Mother Earth and living beings upon her. In my own journey of awakening, I have become aware of aspects of my multidimensional self that are connected to other planets in different star systems. For me, the main importance of the remembering has been to recognize the connection without feeling a need to know the details.

That said, early in my journey, I recognized my father, who died inas a Sirian soul and my mother, who died inas a Pleiadian soul. I treasure this legacy and Planet Asia - Purpose Of Soul - Purpose Of Soul of my reason for being on Earth at this time is to integrate and balance these two energies.

There are half-dozen other off-planet connections that I have become aware of as part of my ongoing journey of awakening.

The Music Made Addict - Various - Defqon.1 - Victory Forever and Pleiadian connections feel the strongest to me.

On the web, especially, there is a lot of misinformation and misguided information from my perspective. I identify a number of such sources in my Great Shift ebook that I found helpful in developing my larger understanding of multidimensional reality.

On the other hand, I have encountered a few folks who came here to gain experience on Earth that they can take back to their planet of origin for the benefit of their home.

Enjoy the search! Source: consciousreminder. Thank you for this information. Ive always known I was unique, just like my Grandmother who just recently passed.

I feel lost, I dont know who to trust. I feel like im being watched and followed. And no matter how hard I try, I can never get ahead. Sometimes my Faith is all I have. Ive isolated myself, to avoid negative people who use me for my energy. Just to forget about me or slander my name. I can take the pain and heartache away and uplift their spirits. So they can live at peace for the moment.

Until next time. But really its draining me. I feel like my soul is dying. I know I have a unique purpose I can feel it with every bone in my body, to spread love not hate my new motto. I have visions, i somerimes see things before they happen. I have a forgiving heart which sometimes feels like a curse I feel peoples emotions, and can spot a dishonest person from a mile away.

I feel like im at battle with Planet Asia - Purpose Of Soul - Purpose Of Soul world and. Negative energies. Please any help is very much appreciated. Sending you love and light. To Whom It May Concern. Thank you in advance. Table of Contents 1 The New Children. Tags: soulsoul originssoul purpose. ToSirWithLove November 24, Ryan December 4, Leave a Reply Cancel reply.


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