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Many people question themselves on what type of Outro - Stuffit - Filtre filter to use for their forced air heating system. The first purpose of the air filter is to prevent the accumulation of residue or debris in the furnace and on the interior coil of the central heat pump or air conditioning. The air filter can also help to reduce the risks to certain respiratory problems, by reducing the presence of contaminants in the air.

The air in the house is Outro - Stuffit - Filtre drawn up by 2 or 3 registers air returns of less than one meter cube, and this, for the entire house. Same goes for everything that is found in the air of your home. It goes without saying that you still vacuum your home despite the fact that you change your air filter regularly. This classification is known and used throughout North America.

If you use an air filter of MERV 13 capacity or more, there is a risk that you will create a restriction problem with the air circulation. The filter being too efficient it filters the tiniest of particlesit will make it more difficult for the air to pass through. It might then be difficult for your system to have the heat or cold circulate which could cause some of the following problems: freezing of the coil, breaking of the drain pan due to an overheating, breaking of the fan motor, extra consumption of electricity, etc.

This type of filter is expensive and requires regular replacement because of its great efficiency. It is very rarely used for residential purposes. Consult the following chart to better understand the MERV classification:. The Merv 8 ultra will last longer than the Merv 8 standard filter thanks to is higher number of pleats. The accumulation of dust and dirt can considerably affect the performance of your heating system.

A clogged interior coil will be inefficient, which will consequently have your heat pump or air conditioner produce less heat or air conditioning. If the equipment is inefficient, your system will have to function On The Pull - Omnivore - Black Smoker in order to maintain the desired temperature, thereby raising your energy costs.

A clogged interior coil will corrode a lot quicker than in a normal functioning situation Outro - Stuffit - Filtre could result in expensive repairs. We recommend that the verification and replacement of Outro - Stuffit - Filtre filters be done on a regular basis. Leave a Comment. Particles 0. Particles 1.


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