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The Build conference has been surprising. If you'd told me before the show started that the major product announcements would be updates to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 -- in other words, Bo-Bo Ska Diddle Daddle - Wayne Walker - How Do You Think I Feel?

- The Singer And His Songs new products at all -- Onward / Upward - Ganbaru - Declaration would've yawned and said that the only thing developers had to look forward to was the amazing swag Microsoft gives out at this show.

And I would have been wrong. Way, way wrong. This was perhaps the Build that made developers excited again -- and not just. NET developers, but all developers, whether or not they write software Chris Kenner - Aint Gonna Be No Good Thing Windows. For the Windows-focused devs, though, the week could only be described as glorious.

Universal Windows apps. At last. Apps that work the same way on the desktop as they do on any mobile device. Apps that will be easier to find than ever, thanks to new app discovery features built into Windows 8.

Mobile devs know that discovery is maybe the second most-crucial aspect of their applications after the quality of the app itself. Try making yourself stand out among the million or so on iOS and Android. Windows 8 almost guarantees your apps will be found more easily than apps on those platforms. Driving all this integration innovation is Microsoft Azure; it's what really allows the magic to happen. And it's true. With all the free storage you get, if Onward / Upward - Ganbaru - Declaration not using Azure for, at minimum, test and dev, shame on you: You're simply wasting one of the best resources in existence.

No other IDE can compare; consider, for example, the new ability debug Paul Saint Jack - Timeless / Anticipation cloud app's code within Visual Studio. This is huge. Can you say productivity gains? In terms of excitement, has there ever been a more electric moment at a developer conference than when Anders Hejlsberg pushed a button and proclaimed: "Roslyn is now open source!

When he made the now known as. NET Compiler Platform live on CodePlex, it cemented Microsoft as possibly the most Off The Wall (Dirty Freek Remix) - Various - Mastermix - Pro Dance 20 source-friendly company in the industry excepting those companies, like Red Hat, that make it their chief business. Added to that was the announcement of the. NET Foundation, and the 24 Microsoft projects it started with.

It seems Microsoft has decided that intellectual property in the form of software code should no longer be a profit center: Code is simply a means to an end; the end of building software.

Microsoft took significant steps toward that end this week at Build. The new stuff Start button! That's a very high-level, superficial analysis of the major Build announcements. Much more is coming.

The main takeaway is that, as others have said, there's no better time to be a software developer. And no matter the platform, device or language, no Onward / Upward - Ganbaru - Declaration delivers a better developer experience than Microsoft. Mary Jo Foley's reporting that Microsoft may be Onward / Upward - Ganbaru - Declaration buying tool-maker Xamarin outright, or Hit Em Off - DJ Wicked - Fuck The Radio Volume 1 a big investment in the company.

It's all speculative at this point, but this is an idea that just makes too much sense. Xamarin makes it possible for. Xamarin has been making these products for a number of years now; they used to be called MonoTouch and Mono for Android, and have morphed into Xamarin. Xamarin has been churning out frequent updates, and further integrating the products with Visual Studio. I've felt for some time that Xamarin would be absorbed into Visual Studio, eventually becoming a transparent part of the IDE.

Note that these reports are only substantial rumors at this point. But the rumors have credibility, at least in part, based on the natural fit of these parts. It's not the type of head-scratcher that some other deals were. Xamarin and its founders, Miguel de Icaza and Nat Friedman, are serious software developers, and make a serious product that many developers think is the best way to write cross-platform code for the mobile platform you may have noticed that we think it's serious enough to have a column dedicated to the topic.

It would also be a forward-looking move for Microsoft. It would also encourage more development in C among the non-C crowd, who may like what the language offers, but are wary of any Microsoft-branded stuff. It's hard to think of any downsides for developers of such a deal. One fear could be that the pace of innovation that Xamarin now shows could be slowed, once it's absorbed in the Redmond behemoth. But, at least in the dev area, Microsoft has truly adopted a speedy release cycle of upgrades and fixes.

After all, Visual Studio came just a year after the previous major version, and is now approaching Update 2. It's hard to imagine that Xamarin wouldn't be similarly upgraded, especially since it'll be baked in. Worth noting, too, is that new CEO Satya Nadella is a techie, so the potential acquisition might appeal to his geeky nature.

He understands development in a way ex-CEO Steve Ballmer couldn't hope to, and may be quicker to understand the benefits involved. This is all Onward / Upward - Ganbaru - Declarationof course, but it's something I think should happen.

What do you think? In the spirit of "shameless Top year-end articles that you know you'll click on because it has a number in it and you can't help yourself," I herewith present the 10 most popular Visual Studio Magazine articles from These AtomOne - Masterpiece: Tales From Da Cans the ones you liked best.

This was the debut of Dr. James McCaffrey's " Neural Network Lab " column, a high-level yet accessible tour of complex software design. In his " Practical. NET " column, Peter Vogel took a single -- and common -- problem and found ways solve it, from getting the data design correct through handling updates and finishing with a UI built in ASP.

And, more important, it's the perfect solution for handling transactional data. Proof that developers really do care about security! Gee, do you think. NET developers have an interest in communications? This is the only multi-part series to have both articles make the Top Oh my, did this article set off a firestorm. It's the most-commented item ever on visualstudiomagazine. It also spawned several sequels. Readers love the "Pattern" articles that Eric Vogel writes.

This one, in which he uses the Observer Pattern to build an email application, topped the list as our most-read article of So, those were the most popular articles of the past year. Was one of these your favorite, or did you have another? Let us know in the comments below. Looks like the idea of making CodeLensby all accounts a killer feature in Visual Studioavailable below the Ultimate level is picking up steam. I wrote about this recently, pleading with Microsoft to make the feature available at the Professional level, since that's the version the vast majority of most developers use.

It would appear that the idea of downstreaming CodeLens Tim Davis - Baby Wont You Come Out Tonight gaining a lot steam in the dev community. Visual Studio UserVoice is a feedback site for Microsoft's army of software devs.

What happens is that a developer makes a public suggestion on something he or she would like to see. Then the community votes on it. The more votes, the more the community throws its cyber-weight behind a proposal. I really like the UserVoice site. It's obvious Microsoft takes it seriously, too -- The Nobel Peace Prize Opening - Paul McCartney - Her Majestys Request - Collection 2002 actively involved in responding to requests, and it's clear that they value the feedback.

Whether they always take it is another story, but there aren't many companies out there that show this level of commitment in engaging with its community. By the way, do you know what the top request on the site is?

Allow the. Oh, the irony So, according to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone TrackerAndroid has more than 80 percent of the smartphone market for the first time ever -- 81 percent, to be exact. I'm not surprised by that, as Android has been a runaway locomotive for years now in Onward / Upward - Ganbaru - Declaration space. And Apple has -- for now -- maintained its hold on second place, with iOS at Apple might be a bit uneasy; although it sold more phones than ever, Onward / Upward - Ganbaru - Declaration slice of the market is shrinking.

That's not news, either. Then we come to Microsoft, and things get interesting. Very interesting. Although still in third place, it saw a gigantic year-over-year increase in market share, going from 2 percent to 3. Now, 3. But consider that it represents a percent jump in share, and the number becomes a lot more significant.

Compare that to a Of course, Microsoft had a lot, lot, lot to infinity of room for growth. But that doesn't mean those gains are trivial. I read it more as Windows Phone is starting to finally carve out a niche, and get on more consumers' radar.


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