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Kill Your Boss - Tampax Vortex - Baphomet And Other Friends


Label: Going Postal Records - GP017 • Format: CDr Album • Country: US • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Electro, Industrial, Goregrind
Download Kill Your Boss - Tampax Vortex - Baphomet And Other Friends

View Staff Posts Post Reply. Well, I decided to not be lazy and take a break from grinding maps. Please let me know if you you have any Various - Fountain Favorites From The World Of Coca-Cola on the build or want me to go into more detail on anything, thanks!

Pros: -Fast and easy solo map clearing. Primary Skill In order, use these gems:. The fun part. Bandits: Kill, kill, kill I pretty much leveled with vortex as soon as I could get it at level Gems were Vortex, elemental focus, controlled dest, inc AoE. Finished off by going to the scion life wheel.

Because most mobs die in a single vortex the downside isn't really relevant. On bosses we use our orb of storms to constantly hit with lightning damage causing both the bosses cold and fire resistance to drop. Huge and easy to keep up on bosses with orb of storms. Zealot's Oath: Not much to say here. Life regeneration is awesome so it stands to say that ES regen is too.

Whispers of Doom: Tri-curse is good. Alchemist: We are in the potion meta for good reason and we're running 5 utility flasks so these nodes are amazing. Liege Kill Your Boss - Tampax Vortex - Baphomet And Other Friends the primordial: Lets you use double golem and makes your elemental golems really damn hard to kill.

Pretty huge. I have ran elemental reflect maps $uck It - Power (13) - Heavy Muscle this by swapping out elemental weakness for herald of ice. Still hurts but its possible if you really want to run the map.

Bacon of Ruin: My personal favorite ascendancy node of all time. Gives you free elemental proliferation. Some people have pointed out going for mastermind of discord for the penetration might be better but I find that prolif is insanely strong for clearing maps fast. Posted by Exdunn on Sep 19,AM. Quote this Post. But doesn't change you Cold Damage in Fire Damage. I don't know if it's Good with Elemental Equilibrium. Am I missing something? I was one shotting any mob that didn't have essence or wasn't a boss.

Posted by Exdunn on Sep 19,PM. Posted by Sharkie on Sep 20,AM. Posted by Xendran on Sep 20,AM. Did you try atziri with this build? Posted by Exdunn on Sep 20,Kill Your Boss - Tampax Vortex - Baphomet And Other Friends. I think Spell Damage does not No Reply - Stars On* / Long Tall Ernie And The Shakers - Stars On Long Play dip burning or ignite or poison, because they are only Jambo (Karaoke Suport) - ATeKa Master Beat* - Banana damage.

Only the source damage increasing can double dip, like projectile tag, area tag. Dot can never be a spell type. So the pain attunement double dipping part is due to "Vortex has spell damage modifier apply to Dot modifier"?

Maybe the mechanic here is actually different from double dipping. Nice build by the way! Posted by jikang on Oct 11,AM. Forum Index Code of Conduct Search. Shop Buy Packs Microtransactions Specials. Follow Us. It shouldn't be hard once you hit maps and imo you're going to need those minimum 5 gems to be clearing efficiently.

The 6-link isn't really necessary but it's a nice dps boost for clearing higher, tankier maps. Hypothermia or rapid decay might be a more effective 6-link, but I haven't tested it yet. For bosses you can swap out increased area of effect for concentrated effect but it really depends the boss--often times you would rather have the AoE then the deeps. Orb of storms to proc elemental overload and flame dash as your movement skill. I like to use fire golem and chaos golem but it's really up to personal preference here.

Frost bolt can be used to cheese bosses. Throw in elemental weakness for a nice dps boost. Doesn't need much explanation here. Level up clarity if you feel you could use more mana.

Pretty standard CwDT setup. Vaal discipline does not proc off CwDT but and I have it linked there to benefit from the increased duration. Alternatively you could use Three Dragons helm Kill Your Boss - Tampax Vortex - Baphomet And Other Friends you lack resistance but the gloves are generally better because they enable you to use a juicy ES helmet.

Using Shavronne's for pain attunement, because of the double dipping effect of spell damage. Stun resistance plain and simple. These boots are great for the price. Very respectable energy shield combined with high MS and immunity to desecrated ground.

Ah ok. Ignite degen for sure. I barely notice the vortex one ign Exdunn. IGN: Sharkie. Nope, the ignite immune makes her annoying. Last edited by jikang on Oct 11,AM.


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