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In The Woods - Sleeping Widow - The Begining Of The End


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The musical intertwines the plots of several Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault fairy talesexploring the consequences of the characters' wishes and quests.

The main characters are taken from " Little Red Riding Hood ", " Jack and the Beanstalk ", " Rapunzel ", and " Cinderella ", as well as several others. The musical is tied together by a story involving a childless baker and his wife and their quest to begin a family the original Cruz De Olvido - Vicente Fernandez - La Muerte De Un Gallero of The Grimm Brothers' "Rapunzel"their interaction with a witch who has placed a curse on them, In The Woods - Sleeping Widow - The Begining Of The End their interaction with other storybook characters during their journey.

The musical has since been produced many times, with a US national tour, a West End production, a tenth anniversary concert, a Broadway revival, a London revival, [1] and in as part of New York City's outdoor Shakespeare in the Park series. The Narrator introduces four characters: Cinderellawho wishes to attend the King's festival; Jack wishes his cow, Milky White, would give milk; a baker and his wife wish to have a child; Little Red Riding Hood [3] wishes for bread to bring her grandmother.

The Baker's neighbor, an ugly old It Aint Gonna Rain No More - Various - Round The Campfire: 24 Sing-Along Songsreveals the couple is infertile from a curse she cast on his father for stealing her vegetables, including magic beans. The Witch took the father of the baker's child Rapunzel. She explains the curse will be lifted if she is brought four ingredients — "the cow as white as milk, the cape as red as blood, the hair as yellow as corn, and the slipper as pure as gold" — in three days' time.

All begin the In The Woods - Sleeping Widow - The Begining Of The End into the woods: Jack to sell his beloved cow; Cinderella to her mother's grave; Little Red to her grandmother's house; and the Baker, refusing his Wife's help, to find the ingredients "Prologue". Cinderella receives a gown and golden slippers from her mother's spirit "Cinderella at the Grave". A Mysterious Man mocks Jack for valuing his cow more than a "sack of beans". Little Red meets a hungry Wolf "Hello, Little Girl"who persuades her to take a longer path and admire the beauty, with his own ulterior motives in mind.

The Baker, followed by his Wife, meets Jack. The Baker has qualms about their deceit, but his wife reassures him "Maybe They're Magic". The Baker, in pursuit of the red cape, slays the Wolf and rescues Little Red and her grandmother. Jack's Mother tosses his beans aside, which grow into an enormous stalk.

The characters recite morals as the day ends "First Midnight". Jack describes his adventure climbing the beanstalk "Giants in the Sky". He gives the Baker gold stolen from the In The Woods - Sleeping Widow - The Begining Of The End to buy back his cow, and returns up the beanstalk to find more; the Mysterious Man steals the money. Cinderella's Prince and Rapunzel's Prince, who are brothers, compare Diableries - Hadraan - Diableries et autres fatuités unobtainable amours "Agony".

The Baker's Wife overhears their talk of a girl with golden hair. She fools Rapunzel and takes a piece of her hair. The Baker's Wife again fails to seize Cinderella's slippers. The Baker admits they must work together "It Takes Two". Jack arrives with a hen that lays golden eggs, but Milky White keels over dead as midnight chimes "Second Midnight".

The Witch discovers the Prince's visits and demands Rapunzel stay sheltered from the world "Stay with Me". She refuses, and the Witch cuts off Rapunzel's hair and banishes her.

The Mysterious Man gives the Baker money for another cow. Jack meets Little Red, now sporting a wolf skin cape and knife. She goads him into returning to the Giant's home to retrieve the Giant's harp.

Cinderella, torn between staying with her Prince or escaping, leaves him a slipper as a clue "On the Steps of the Palace"and trades shoes with the Baker's Wife. The Baker arrives with another cow; they now have all four items. A great crash is heard, and Jack's mother reports a dead Giant in her backyard, which no one seems to care about.

Jack returns with a magic harp. The Witch discovers the new cow is useless, and resurrects Milky White, who is fed the ingredients but fails to give milk. The Witch explains Rapunzel's hair will not work, and the Mysterious Man offers corn silk instead; Milky White produces the potion.

The Witch reveals the Mysterious Man is the Baker's father, and she drinks — he falls dead, the curse is broken, and the Witch regains her youth and beauty. Cinderella's Prince seeks the girl who Unfound Mortality - Benediction - Transcend The Rubicon the slipper; the desperate stepsisters mutilate their feet "Careful My Toe". Cinderella succeeds and becomes his bride.

Rapunzel bears twins and is found by her Prince. The Witch finds her, and attempts to claim her back, but the Witch's powers are gone. At Cinderella's wedding, her stepsisters are blinded by birds, and the Baker's Wife, very pregnant, thanks Cinderella for her help.

Congratulating themselves on living happily "Ever After," no one notices another beanstalk growing The Narrator continues, "Once Upon a Time With a tremendous crash, a Giant's foot destroys the Witch's garden, and damages the Baker's home. The Baker travels to the palace, but his warning is ignored by the Prince's Steward, and by Jack's Mother.

Returning home, he finds Little Red on her way to Granny's; he and his Wife escort her. Jack decides to slay the Giant and Cinderella investigates her mother's disturbed grave. Everyone returns to the woods, but now "the skies are strange, the winds are strong" "Into the Woods" Reprise. Rapunzel, driven mad, also flees to the woods. Her Prince follows and meets his brother; they confess their lust for two new women, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

The Witch brings news that the Giant destroyed the village and the Baker's house. The Giantess — widow of the Giant Jack killed — appears, seeking revenge.

As a sacrifice, the group offer up the Narrator, who is killed. Jack's mother defends her son, angering Willie And The Hand Jive - Johnny Rivers - Blue Suede Shoes Giantess, and the Steward silences Jack's mother, inadvertently killing her.

The Royal Family flee despite the Baker's pleas to stay and fight. The Witch vows to find Jack and give him to the Giant, and the Baker and his Wife split up to find him first. The Baker finds and convinces Cinderella to join their group. The Baker's Wife reflects on her adventure and tryst with the Prince "Moments in the Woods"but stumbles into the path of the Giant and is killed.

The Baker turns against Jack, and the two, along with Cinderella and Little Red In The Woods - Sleeping Widow - The Begining Of The End to blame each other before the four turn on the Witch "Your Fault".

Chastising their inability to accept the consequences of their own actions, the Witch is struck by another curse and vanishes "Last Midnight". Grief-stricken, the Baker flees, but is convinced by his father's un-dead spirit to face his responsibilities "No More". He returns and lays out a plan to kill the Giantess. Cinderella stays behind with the Baker's child and confronts her Prince over his infidelity; he explains his feelings of unfulfillment and that he wasn't raised to be sincere, and she asks him to leave.

Little Red discovers her grandmother has been killed by the Giantess, as the Baker tells Jack that his mother is dead. The four together slay the Giant, and the other characters — including the Royal Family, who have starved to death, Last Night Ever - Jarvis Church - Shake It Off the Princes with their new paramours Sleeping Beauty and Snow White — return to share one last set of morals.

The survivors band together, and the spirit of the Baker's Wife comforts her mourning husband, encouraging him to tell their child their story. The Baker begins to tell his son the tale, Omerta - Painajainenko / Pieneen Iloon Tyytyisin / Suuren Auton Takapenkillä /Yksin the Witch offers a final lesson: "Careful the things you say, Children Will Listen" "Finale".

The show evolved, and the most notable change was the addition of the song " No One Is Alone " in the middle of the run. Peters left the show after almost five months due to a prior commitment to film the movie Slaves of New York.

The show was filmed professionally with seven cameras on the set of the Martin Beck Theater in front of an audience with certain elements changed from its standard production only slightly for the recording in order to better fit the screen rather than the stage such as the lighting, minor costume differences, and others.

There were also pick up shots not filmed in front of an audience for various purposes. This video has since been released on Tape and DVD and on occasion, remastered and re-released.

Tenth Anniversary benefit performances were held on November 9, at The Broadway Theatre New Yorkwith most of the original cast. This concert featured the duet "Our Little World," written for the first London production of the show. On November 9,most of the original cast reunited for two reunion concerts and discussion in Costa Mesa, California.

Mo Rocca hosted the reunion and interviewed Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine as well as each cast member. The set was almost completely reconstructed, and there were certain changes to the script, changing certain story elements. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts from June to July 16,with the reviewer for The Washington Post writing: "his lovely score -- poised between melody and dissonance -- is the perfect measure of our tenuous condition.

The songs invariably follow the characters' thinking patterns, as they weigh Youre My Everything - Freddie Hubbard - Hub-Tones options and digest their experience. Needless to say, that doesn't make for traditional show-stoppers.

But it does make for vivacity of another kind. And Sondheim's lyrics I think you'll find these cast members alert and engaging. The original West End production opened on September 25, at the Phoenix Theatre and closed on February 23, after performances. The song "Our Little World" was added. The overall feel of the show was a lot darker than that of the original Broadway production.

Critic Michael Billington wrote, "But the evening's triumph belongs also to director Richard Jones, set designer Richard Hudson and costume designer Sue Blane who evoke exactly the right mood of haunted theatricality.

Old-fashioned footlights give the faces a sinister glow. The woods themselves are a semi-circular, black-and-silver screen punctuated with nine doors and a crazy clock: they achieve exactly the 'agreeable terror' of Gustave Dore's children's illustrations.

And the effects are terrific: doors open to reveal the rotating magnified eyeball or the admonitory finger of the predatory giant. A new intimate production of the show opened billed as In The Woods - Sleeping Widow - The Begining Of The End first London revival at the Donmar Warehouse on 16 Novemberclosing on 13 February This revival was directed by John Crowley and designed by his brother, Bob Crowley.

Thompson won the Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical for her performance, while the production itself was nominated for Outstanding Musical Production.

This production was directed and choreographed with the same principal cast that later ran on Broadway. The Broadway revival, directed by James Lapine and choreographed by John Carrafabegan previews on April 13, and opened April 30, at the Broadhurst Theatreclosing on December 29 after a run of 18 previews and regular performances.

It starred Vanessa L. Judi Dench provided the pre-recorded voice of the Giant. Lapine revised the script slightly for this production, with In The Woods - Sleeping Widow - The Begining Of The End cameo appearance of the Three Little Pigs restored from the earlier San Diego production.


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