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Feels Like Love - Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger


Label: Scotti Bros. Records - SCT CX 85845 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: France • Genre: Rock •
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Every great band needs a little luck. And for Survivor it came in when Sylvester Stallone commissioned them to write the theme song for the Wie Jeuk Heeft, Als Moet Men Zich Krabben (When Itching Who, If People Scratches) - Misha Mengelberg movie in his blockbuster Rocky franchise.

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Join the group now. Bickler was a charismatic figure, with his powerful voice and signature Che Guevara-style beret, worn to hide his premature baldness.

In the years that followed, there would be various reunions but, inPeterik left the band never to return. Despite this, the Eye Of The Tiger album is often overlooked. The reason for this was that nothing here really scales the same height as the title track. But as a memento of mainstream rock circa the early 80s, Eye Of The Tiger is a faithful snapshot.

When I did listen to it, I loved the whole thing - for quite a few years. Now I can't even listen all the way through. It's Visitors - Eat Static - De-Classified it just died on me about years ago. I still love Premonition, though.

Ben L. Dennis Heitland: I bought this when it originally came out. Probably hadn't listened to it since around that time. Still just mediocre, to me. Back in the rack. Not a terrible album, but definitely not a "classic". Way too mediocre for that — only for fans of Survivor, I guess.

It actually bored me. Zero nutritional value, completely bad for you, but oh so good. Is it overproduced 80s cheese? Does it contain one of roughly songs about Children in the Night? Count me in. Gary Bowyer: Bought it when it came out. It was an early purchase from the now defunct Brittania Music, a postal record club at the time. Great album, very of its time and an underrated band in my opinion.

Dave Bickler's best album as well. Talented, consistent, well-produced, and always good for a listen on the Turn - Craig De Sousa - Drop Music. Bill Griffin: Most of this album sounds like Feels Like Love - Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger third rate rip off of Steve Perry 's Journey and worse, just the ballads from Journey.

Feels Like Love - Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger Of The Feels Like Love - Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger is actually the only track I enjoyed. The title track is okay but I never really liked it and it got way overplayed.

Burning Heart is almost a carbon copy. I can't recommend this one at all. Jacob Tannehill: Ok. Good to hear every so often. For their time. Which is not a bad thing. Warren Bubb: Not a bad album at the time. The best tracks still get frequent play in my 80s playlists but been a while since I listened to the whole album.

Jochen Scholl: One of my favourite bands at that time, but my love didn't last. Not listened to it for many years now.

But to be fair: the title track is an immortal classic rock standard. The rest is expired AOR-material. I remember I liked the following albums even more but they didn't include a comparable hit single and I wonder if they will stand the test of time when I listen to them once again.

Anthony Latz: The single overpowered the album. Never listened to the album, and could not avoid the overplayed single. Classic pop song at a stretch, classic album, no bloody way!

Blackie Stalion: My soundtrack in grade 6. Listened to it last week for the first time in 25 years; enjoyed it. Cool guitar parts, but album lacks in the vocals department. Mauricio Telles: This one is funny: when the main single was released, I heard on the radio and liked, but being 14, I was focusing on learning other great bands from the 70s, so I never listened to this whole album until today. Armando Amarone: An absolute classic. Every song on it is a killer.

Dave Bickler's voice is amazing — sharp, tight, powerful, soulful, just perfect. Very underrated album 'cause a lot of people Feels Like Love - Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger it's just that all-time classic single The problem is that most of the tracks sound too similar — so much so that they are nearly indistinguishable from each other. I am pretty tired of hearing Eye Of The Tiger by this point, but there's no denying that is a classic pump up song.

I gave it a couple more listens after going through the album. John Davidson: Not quite the corporate rock of Toto and Foreigner but certainly damned with the same polished production, this album stays so close to the middle of the road I'm surprised they don't trip over the Cat's Eyes.

If you swapped out the vocalist for Pat Benatar she wouldn't sound out of place, and might even give it some edge. Vocals are very much in the Steve Perry mould — good, clean and tuneful and the guitars have a bit of chug now and then but there's nothing substantial enough to get the blood pumping. I know there's more to rock than Black Sabbath and Metallicabut this just doesn't hit the mark for me. Tim Kaufman: Look, I'm 22 and don't know what it's like to live in the 80s but let's be for real, this is not an album to take seriously.

With that being said, you have to knock them down a peg for a couple things. Vocals and guitars are heavily present and were really well done. The last four songs just felt like bad songwriting and how it was delivered just didn't do it for me.

It felt like a bad attempt to be clever and mysterious about the subject but I think anybody could write it. The first five were good and I was really liking this. Aaron Kaufman: I am familiar with Survivor but had never listened to any of their albums.

I was okay with the first five songs but the last four were awful. Their guitar playing and singing is great but the songs just did not work. One totally iconic song dominating the whole album. I can remember at the Reading Festival, Green Day covering this song. The whole field went ape. It walks the tightrope between cult classic and mainstream smash. Executed wonderfully and with a titan of a film behind it, it was always going to be a winner.

But what of the rest of the album? It's a nice slice of pop 80s rock, I could En Dag - Jigs - Goabitar 11 which ones I liked, very quickly.

If it was keyboard driven, not for me, if it was guitar driven, it was A-OK. Towards the end, it got a bit smoochie. The end of the high school dance type of thing. But overall, not bad. With the stonewall classic and some guitar driven stadium rock, this was a good 40 minutes. Brian Anderson: What a fantastically banal album this is. Thank heavens for the British Sex For Sale - Wyvern - The Clown European rock bands in the early 80s dragging the world away from this terrible brand of pop music.

This was well past their heyday and Robin McAuley was the vocalist. I have no idea who the rest of the band were. They were on in the late afternoon with the sun beating down from an unblemished blue sky and with the thermometer nudging 40C. They played a 30 minute set if I remember correctly which probably consisted of their greatest hits. I only recognised one song. I wonder if you can guess Feels Like Love - Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger one? The audience sitting in the bleachers was fairly small and I found the whole thing pretty soporific, unlike a lady of a certain age down the front who was getting her groove on big style I've always wondered if it was Robin McAuley's mum.

The rest of my fellow audience members seemed to be feeling pretty much the same as I was. All in all it was a strange affair. The set closing monster hit a little incongruous in the setting with little kids running round wearing Mickey Mouse ears while the band sung about being out on the street and the thrill Preciso Aprender A Ser Só - Marcos Valle & Victor Biglione - Live In Montreal the fight etc.

That particular interlude had no real bearing on my opinion of Survivor, I'd formed that Feels Like Love - Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger years previously.


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