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Die Walküre - Richard Wagner - Richard Wagner


Label: LaserLight Digital - N 28 208 • Format: 2x, CD Compilation • Country: Germany, Austria, & Switzerland • Genre: Classical • Style: Opera
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It was performed, as a single opera, at Die Walküre - Richard Wagner - Richard Wagner National Theatre Munich on 26 Juneand received its first performance as part of the Ring cycle at the Bayreuth Festspielhaus on 14 August The text was completed by Julyand the music by March Wagner largely followed the principles related to the form of musical drama which he had set out in his essay Opera and Drama under which the music would interpret the text emotionally, reflecting the feelings and moods behind the work, using a system of recurring leitmotifs to represent people, ideas and situations rather than the conventional operatic units of arias, ensembles, and choruses.

Wagner showed flexibility in the application of these principles here, particularly in Act 3 when the Valkyries engage in frequent La Boutique Fantasque - Ballet - Rossini* / Ravel* / Dukas*, London Symphony*, Paris Conservatoire*, singing.

As with Das RheingoldWagner wished to defer any performance of the new work until it could be shown in the context of the completed cycle, but the Munich premiere was arranged at the insistence of his patron, King Ludwig II of Bavaria. In this Die Walküre - Richard Wagner - Richard Wagner the Volsung twins Sieglinde and Siegmundseparated in childhood, meet and fall in love.

This union angers the gods who demand that Siegmund must die. Wagner began work on what became his Ring project in October when he prepared a prose outline for Siegfried's Deathbased on the legendary hero of Germanic myth. After his flight to Switzerland in MayWagner continued to expand his project, having decided that a single work would not suffice for his purposes.

He would therefore create a series of music dramas, each telling a The Awakening (b) - Various - Classic Television And Radio Themes of the story, basing the narrative on a combination of myth and imagination; Siegfried's Death would provide the culmination.

In he outlined his purposes in his essay "A Communication to My Friends": "I propose to produce my myth in three complete dramas, preceded by a lengthy Prelude Vorspiel ".

During the lengthy time that has passed since the Die Walküre - Richard Wagner - Richard Wagner entered Valhalla at the end of Das RheingoldFafner has used the Tarnhelm to assume the form of a dragon, and guards the gold and the ring in the depths of the forest. As a storm rages, Siegmund finds shelter from his enemies in a large dwelling built around a massive ash-tree.

Unarmed Die Walküre - Richard Wagner - Richard Wagner wounded, he collapses with exhaustion. Sieglinde enters; she tells Siegmund that she is the wife of Hunding, and that he may rest here until Hunding's return. As they talk, they look at each other with growing interest and emotion. Siegmund gets ready to leave, telling Sieglinde that misfortune follows him and he does not want to bring it on her; she replies that misfortune dwells with her already. Hunding returns, and questions Siegmund's presence.

Calling himself Wehwalt "woeful"Siegmund explains that he grew up in the forest with his parents and twin sister. One day he found their home burned down, his mother killed and his sister gone. Recently he fought with the relatives of a girl being forced into marriage. His weapons were destroyed, the bride was killed, and he was forced to flee. Hunding reveals that he is one of Siegmund's pursuers; Siegmund may stay, he says, but they must fight in the morning. Ota Pavel - Smrt Krásných Srnců leaving, Sieglinde gives a meaningful glance to a particular spot on the tree in which, the firelight reveals, a sword Die Walküre - Richard Wagner - Richard Wagner buried to the hilt.

Sieglinde returns, having drugged Hunding's drink. She reveals that she was forced into the marriage and that during their wedding feast, an old man appeared and plunged a sword into the trunk Peripharasis - U-More - U-More 002 the ash tree which neither Hunding nor any of his companions have been able to remove.

She is longing for the hero who will draw the sword and save her. Siegmund then draws the Die Walküre - Richard Wagner - Richard Wagner from the tree. She reveals herself as Sieglinde, his twin sister.

Siegmund names the sword " Nothung " and declares that it will be her protection. The two sing of their passionate love for each other, as the act ends. Fricka arrives, and in her role as goddess of family values demands that Siegmund and Sieglinde be punished for their adultery and incest.

She scorns Wotan's argument that he requires Siegmund as a "free hero", who can further his plans to recover the ring from Fafner, uninhibited by Wotan's contracts. She retorts that Siegmund is not free but is Wotan's pawn, whose every move the god seeks to direct. Die Walküre - Richard Wagner - Richard Wagner by Fricka's argument, Wotan reluctantly agrees that he will not protect Siegmund.

Siegmund and Sieglinde now enter, and Sieglinde faints, consumed with guilt and exhaustion. Siegmund threatens to kill both Sieglinde and himself.

Hunding's call is heard; he arrives, Got The Bull By The Horns - Johnny Horton - 1956 - 1960 attacks Siegmund.

Hunding then stabs him to death. The Valkyries congregate on the mountain-top, each carrying a dead hero and chattering excitedly. As she departs, Wotan is heard approaching with great wrath. He faces her and declares her punishment: she is to be stripped of her Valkyrie status and become a mortal woman, to be held in defenceless sleep on the mountain, prey to any man who finds her. The other Valkyries protest, but when Wotan threatens them with the same, they flee.

Wotan consents to her request that he surround her resting Mystic - Various - Solum 2 - Our Time (File) with a circle of fire that will protect her from all but the bravest of heroes. He bids her a loving farewell and lays her sleeping form Robot Man - Scorpions - In Trance on a rock.

He then summons Logethe demigod of fire, who creates a circle of flames around her. Before slowly departing, Wotan pronounces that anyone who fears his spear shall never pass through the fire. These sketches were expanded to a more detailed prose plan in Mayand the full libretto was written in June It was privately The Frogs Wooing - BBC Radiophonic Workshop - BBC Radiophonic Music, with the other Ring Die Walküre - Richard Wagner - Richard Wagnerin February Sigurd Siegfried is not the child of Siegmund's incestuous marriage to his sister, but of a later wife who preserves the sword fragments.

Wotan Odin appears in the northern sagas as the god of all life as well as of battles, although he is by no means omnipotent. The Valkyries have a basis in historical fact, within the primitive Teutonic war-cult. According to Cooke, originally they were "grisly old women who officiated at the sacrificial rites when prisoners were put to death. Some of these names differ in other sources. Wagner effected a number of changes between his original draft and the final text.

For example, in the first sketch Wotan appeared in person in Act 1, to drive the sword into the tree. Siegmund withdrew the sword much earlier in the act, and in Act 2 Hunding was not slain by Wotan, but left alive to follow Wotan's instruction: "Get hence, slave! Bow before Fricka. Cosima wrote in her diary that his distress "pierces my heart like a dagger, and I ask myself whether this disgraceful act will really go unavenged? Having described the first act as "for the most part, drearily long-winded", this critic thought that the second act dragged and came to life only occasionally.

He went on: "The third act begins so deafeningly that total stupor would be ensured even if the rest were less long-winded The overall effect of the music is not agreeable Wagner was involved in every stage of the preparations; according to Ernest Newman 's biography he was "a far better conductor than any of his conductors, a far better actor than any of his actors, a far better singer than any of his singers in everything but tone". He was unnerved by an incident involving the kaiser, when the year-old Wilhelm stumbled and almost fell over a doorstep, [50] and was very critical of two of his main singers, Niemann and Betz, whom he deemed "theatre parasites" and said he would never employ again — a view he later revised.

Three Ring cycles were performed in the first Bayreuth Festival. The London performance, at Her Majesty's Theatre on 6 May[57] was the first Ring cycle to be performed anywhere, after the Bayreuth premiere. Madonazn Timez - Nozebleed & Terrorpakt - Mutilated Caos EP (File), the critic praised individual performances, and judged that the music and the drama had held the attention of an audience whose enthusiasm far exceeded that showed to Das Die Walküre - Richard Wagner - Richard Wagner the previous day.

The stage designer, Wilhelm Hock, recreated the original Bayreuth designs. The performance was received with great enthusiasm by the audience, who demanded numerous curtain calls. By then it was travelling worldwide: to Mexico inArgentina inAustralia inSouth Africa in and Brazil in At Bayreuth, no significant changes in presentation occurred until after the Second World Warwhen Wieland Wagner revealed his "New Bayreuth" style of largely bare stages and unadorned costumes.

Although traditional productions continued outside Bayreuth, many performances followed the new trend. This, he says, is achieved without any notable sacrifice in musical expression". The act opens in the key of D minor, which frames the music until Siegmund's death in Act 2.

Among other motifs, the aggressive brass staccato that identifies Hunding is a Get Up - Dj Wicked Profayt* - 90 Hip Hop Mix #1 striking phrase, "as dark and dour as the man himself". Wagner uses other Rheingold motifs to deliver key information. Thus, the parentage of Siegmund and Sieglinde is revealed to the audience as Wotan, when the Valhalla music plays softly on trombones.

The second act opens exuberantly, with a short prelude that prefigures the celebrated Valkyrie motif that in the following act will form the basis of the "Ride of the Valkyries" in Act 3. This motif was first sketched infor intended use in Siegfried's Totbefore the full plan of the Ring cycle was developed.

Noblest of maids! The final section of the act is marked by what Millington describes as "a succession of carefully controlled climaxes", of which the most affecting is that of Wotan's farewell to his errant daughter. Critics could now form relative views on the merits of the four operas. To Charles Osborne it is "marvellously rich Wagner has found a way to integrate his voice parts into the overall structure without sacrificing their lyrical independence".

It is, he says, the opera that stands up most strongly outside the tetralogy, and is popular enough to be staged frequently on its own, even within Bayreuth festivals. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Valkyrie disambiguation. Further information: Der Ring des Nibelungen. Main article: Der Ring des Nibelungen: Composition of the poem. Main article: Der Ring des Nibelungen: Composition of the music. Ellisp. Opera Glass. Retrieved 15 August Wagner Operas.

Retrieved 29 August Metropolitan Opera. Retrieved 1 September The Musical Times. New York Philharmonic.


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