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DBC Let The Music Play (For Itself) (Instrumental) - Stetsasonic - Sally / DBC Let The Music Play



Download DBC Let The Music Play (For Itself) (Instrumental) - Stetsasonic - Sally / DBC Let The Music Play

You tally a time, you won't forget You listen to a band, the sound is hoopin' It ain't no time for party poopin' You could get down to the real McCoy And enjoy, the music we employ How that sound? The Stet's a-bound The Hip-Hop band, the six renowned A musical flow with an added twist And for you girlies, Wise is gonna throw you a kiss So break out the champagne, pop the cork The year's '88, the town New York The crowd is loud and everything's okay DBC let the music play!

Okay Frukwan With the band, guarantee you bop 'Cause what you get with Stet is Hip-Hop Increase the knobs, lighten up the bass Turn it to the max, and it might taste DBC Let The Music Play (For Itself) (Instrumental) - Stetsasonic - Sally / DBC Let The Music Play popcorn, What Am I Here For - Duke Ellington - Jump For Joy I don't pop Instead of doin' the whop, I build up the drop Ya fake MC's ya get treated like slop And they get mopped?

Okay Wise Now all you ladies start the clappin' 'Cause the mix machine is rappin' Fellas, start your fingers snappin' 'Cause I just came to say what's happenin' Your boy Prince Paul is doin' the jammin' While the MC's take care of the rammin' And DBC, his beats are slammin' The human percussion, everybody examine So check out the bass line with Ωkù-µopoç - Arcanus Tenebrae - Odium In Homines beat Playin' along, right by I mean Keys and beats while I'm bustin' the rhyme Right about this time I know it's blowin your mind Showin' the group that he's a step above Up on the microphone is Wise's supreme love So before I go, and get on my way DB' let the music play Okay Delite When our triggers are copped out work is immediate And you can take some?

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